Ginnifer Goodwin in Daring Blue Shorts Suit on the Red Carpet


Ginnifer Goodwin in Daring Blue Shorts Suit! The baby-faced actress Ginnifer Goodwin surprised during one of her appearances on the red carpet in daring blue shorts suit. Then we inspired or not?

The red carpet is usually synonymous with glamorous long evening dresses, it is therefore necessary to assess the risk-taking of fashion Ginnifer Goodwin. The actress is known for its original looks and colorful, she loves to get out due to its looks without overdoing it An art very difficult to handle, our fashionista seems to master.

The tailor shorts returned to the front of the stage for two seasons. It has the advantage of keeping the natural elegance of the jacket, while mixing it with a piece so hot shorts. This is a compromise of styles that we appear very balanced. Ginnifer Goodwin put together a collection electric blue Misha Nonoo summer 2013. This color is beautifully highlighted her complexion doll. The actress can also afford the eccentricity of the minimum length of her shorts with skinny legs.

Ginnifer Goodwin in Daring Blue Shorts Suit

Red Carpet! Ginnifer Goodwin in Daring Blue Shorts Suit

So according to you, we keep it or zap the tailor colored shorts? I CARE short punchy as the tailor Ginnifer Goodwin provided to make a bit more cool for this it suffices to wear the jacket unbuttoned, leaving appear naive print of her blouse. This look would be perfect.

Why we love?

It is a mix between chic and hot making it look unusual. The choice of a punchy color brings a touch of eccentricity that defuses the serious side of the cutter. The shorts can reveal a female undeniable asset our legs! And you can always cheat on the length opting for 12 stilettos that refine the silhouette. This look is perfect for stand on the red carpet fashion without catastrophe. So exit the maxi evening dresses, dare finally colored short legged the way Ginnifer Goodwin!

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