Glamor Bun Hairstyle of The Month “Gossip Girl”


Glamor bun hairstyle of the monthGossip Girl” Romantic bun, braid on the side and lock falling across the front … The hairstyle glamorous Dreama Walker (“Gossip Girl“) is one of those that immediately wanted to try! Discover our advice and instructions you capture the look of a star are you a fan of the U.S. series “Gossip Girl”? In this case, you will remember the unusual hairstyles Dreama Walker, actress from Florida. This year, the young 26 year old woman is playing the psychological thriller “Compliance”. This movie based on real events shows how people react to authority. Dreama plays the role of Becky, 19, an employee of fast food suspected of theft who finds himself the victim of a dangerous game of cat and mouse.

Glamor Bun Hairstyle of The Month Gossip Girl
The “Gossip Girl” Dreama Walker wears a cute bun. Her makeup wonders with this hairstyle glamorous.
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Gossip Girl Glamor bun hairstyle of the month

At a recent press conference, Dreama Walker is shown smiling and crowned this trend bun and romantic, glamorous hairstyle that reveals another facet of her intriguing personality.

Glamor Bun Hairstyle of The Month “Gossip Girl” To create this hairstyle evening at the “Gossip Girl”, you must:

Hair arriving at shoulders, styling mousse, a round brush, pins bun, a curling iron, hair styling wax and lacquer…

Instructions for creating the romantic bun Dreama Walker:

  1. Apply styling mousse on your hair washed and dried, then dry by stretching each strand with a round brush.
  2. Make a side parting. The side of the line, first in the French braids extending from the temple towards the back of the skull. Gather the ends of the braid with the rest of your hair and tie it in a ponytail mid-high.
  3. Wrap the ponytail on itself to form a bun too tight, and then secure it with pins.
  4. On the other side of the line, draw a wick about 2 inches wide at the hairline and made it slightly undulating with a curling iron. Apply a bit of styling wax on the wick and highlight its points.
  5. If you do not have a curling iron, lightly moisten the wick, spray lacquer and wrap the wick around your index finger. Warm it with a hair dryer, and then remove your finger.
  6. Finish, apply a little hair spray to fix this evening.

Bun Hairstyle Bun Hairstyle Bun Hairstyle Bun Hairstyle

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