Glazes Lancome – The Nail Polish Trends For This Fall Winter 2020 2021


Now, there’s something on the nails! No matter if earthy nuances or berry tones — we will tell you which nail polish colors are trending this autumn.

N times like these, when make-up tends to disappear under a makeshift mask, we focus on well-groomed nails. Despite all protective measures, they are always clearly visible and a real eye-catcher in dreary everyday life. We have the color trends of the season for you here!

These are the nail polish trends this fall

Dark green is one of THE trend colors of the year. So, it’s no wonder that it can still be seen quite often in autumn — and of course on your fingernails too! How about lush pine green?


Regardless of whether it’s a rich burgundy or a bright cherry red – if you paint your nails red, you’re guaranteed to do everything right. Red is a real classic. And that also in autumn!

Denim blue

Are autumn colors not your thing?

Then try a nail polish in cool denim blue, from Alessandro. A really stylish eye-catcher that enhances any outfit, no matter how simple.

Fawn brown

We love soft earth tones! Also, a delicate fawn brown, which not only goes great with autumn but also goes with any outfit.


It becomes particularly stylish with beige nail polish. Although it is particularly natural, it can also provide a more eye-catching nail design with a stronger contrast to your skin tone.

The Glazes Lancome Nail Polish For Winter 2020 2021

We discover all the secrets of the glazes Lancome for winter 2020. What are the colors of winter 2021 nail polish Lancome?

Today we decided to say goodbye to 2015 with some interesting goodies for our nails to make them more beautiful and elegant on every occasion.

For this reason we speak of chic colors of nail polish collection “Vernis in Love” by Lancome that the New Year has created for us a series of really beautiful colors. In addition to standard colors (from deep red to gray, to blue, we also some darker colors and elegant.

The glazes Lancome Nail Polish for winter 2014

To be precise we are talking about colors Black Sepia (Brown), Grey Lumiere ( light gray) and the Purple Fiction (plum). These are the colors of winter 2015 Lancome glazes, enamels simple to apply and the brilliant effect gloss finish.

The nuances among which you can choose are very many starting with the transparent Crystal Quartz up to a delicate coral color but not only! Who loves the red you will find some of the shades that best suits your style among many propose the famous beauty mark! In addition, the lovers of the most nuances fresh and young they may opt for a beautiful aquamarine blue or a vibrant peach (Peach Appeal) or a violet elegant and youthful at the same time.

The lovers of the blue, they can instead opt for a Bleu de Flore really beautiful while those who love the tones even darker can not help but love the black enamel Caviar Noir.

The price of these glazes is 17.40 €. There is at this point that chooses the color you like!

Photos Source By Lancome

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