Glitters Beauty Trend For 2013


While some like the style nude, others opt for sparkling without falling into the bling-bling, it’s got to shine!

If the gold was recently trend in fashion, she won the field of  Bright beauty face, glitter on the eyes, tanned skin and golden powder eyeliner, lip gloss to mascara, we dare walleye and assumes.

Glitters Beauty Trend For 2013

Gold Complexion

We much prefer the powder foundation for a shimmering tan; it looks for powders rich in gold pigments. It is applied all over the face and to avoid shine at strategic points: forehead, nose, cheeks, tweaked it with a powder pink. Anyway, we apply the base with a large brush to avoid demarcation and a finer brush for touch ups.

The Eyes That Shine

In summer, we can dare all the extravagances and embark on make-up golden eyes. Seen in the parades the smoky eye with the center of the lid a touch of gold For those who prefer a little more privacy, the little golden key can also be applied to the inner corner of the eyelid but also under the lower lashes.

For others who want to play the game at the bottom, a gold eye shadow and eyeliner the same color and bring shine light makeup that will nevertheless discretion & A mixture of bling that surprise but transform the look of gold.

Gold Mouth

Gold as any other style of makeup, choosing between the mouth and eyes & If we put everything in a glance, we made a more discreet mouth. Conversely, if one wishes to draw a pretty mouth, it reduces the make-up eyes for a golden mouth; we choose a lipstick gold or iridescent for a luminous effect, a bronze lipstick or a pink hue to bring the golden mouth all the sensuality and radiance necessary to make-up glitter.

Hint: to make the gold does not go unnoticed, it has a small white top that accentuate the contrast and give the make-up all the light it deserves.

For those who want style gold from head to toe a little touch of gold lacquer finish that will make gold.

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