How To Remove Her Glittery Varnish Without Damaging Nails?


How to remove glittery varnish, its downright fun… This simple manicure to color your day just right and even makes your festive Monday morning! That is to say. Yes but now, when comes the stage of cleansing, it is immediately unless the party. The varnish is peeling without really wanting to leave, sequins migrate your cuticles … In short, and your nails are far from having net air. Discover the method of packet, a simple trick that should change your life!

Glittery Varnish

A true aficionado manicure, you collect Essie nail polish trends, Kiko, Bourjois and co. When the glitter manicure, you have not resisted but then, not always easy removing.

Glittery Varnish Discover Unstoppable Method:

The technique of packet, a tip really easy nail art:

To remove the glittery varnish, you need:

  • – From mild solvent (acetone-free to avoid weakening your nails)
  • – Of cotton pads removers
  • – From foil
  • – Scissors

Our Manicure Tip, Step By Step:

Cut two cotton pads and aluminum rectangles (width about 5 cm).

Pour a sufficient dose on each remover cotton for it penetrates well, place the cotton gently on the nail and cover it with aluminum. This allows not only fixing the cotton on your nail but also heating a catalyst for better unstuck the varnish.

Allow the solvent for about three minutes.

Once the elapsed break, be sure to remove your cotton by pressing lightly on the nail to remove the last still attached sequins.

How to Avoid Damaging Her Nails?

After removing your nail, it is important to wash your hands before going to step carefully to remove any trace of solvent.

Apply a nourishing hand cream on all of your hands then a special care cuticle that will target the area to dehydrate. Lightly massage the tip of your fingers to the skin soaks the product.

Wait two or three days to reapply nail polish; it is important to let your nails breathe!

Bonus: This trick also works for your semi-permanent polish, very good news.

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