Golden Eyeshadow is Worn Like this at Christmas: Make-up Trend Christmas 2022

That’s how glamorous we make up our golden eyeshadow for Christmas. We’re ringing in the festive season with unusual eye makeup:

No season calls for glitter and glamor louder than the pre-Christmas period. The perfect outfits are already ready for the Advent coffee, the gift-giving on Christmas Eve, and the New Year’s Eve party ( psst! Our tip: go for the “Little Red Dress” again this year ). But the right make-up also plays a major role at Christmas.

It should be festive and elegant, but at the same time neither too colorful nor too dark. You can read here how you can find the golden mean in your eyes with a few simple tricks.

In these 3 ways, we make up golden eyeshadow at Christmas

As soon as the golden color particles of a beauty product touch our skin, the Christmas bells start ringing.

The eyeshadow color provides a sparkling highlight on your face in the party season and makes brown, green, and blue eyes shine at the same time. But golden eye shadow is not always golden eye shadow! Beauty connoisseurs know that there are countless ways to apply this pompous color.

Each look makes your eyes and face look different.

Here are three glamorous ways to wear golden eyeshadow this holiday season. Merry Christmas!

  1. Classic makeup variant

This look won’t cost you two minutes. Before you get down to the base of your face (we don’t want specks of gold spilling onto your foundation), grab the gold eyeshadow and dab the product generously with your fingertip, up to the crease.

Golden Eyeshadow

Distribute the golden color evenly over your entire eye. Seal the look with mascara and you’re done!

  1. Golden eyeliner

If you want to dare to go for a more advanced look, you can use golden eyeliner for your Christmas look. Your eyeshadow pot can be converted into eyeliner in just a few steps!

Golden Eyeliner Make-up Trend

Just grab the thinnest brush you can find and dampen it with some water. Then dip it in the golden eyeshadow and quickly draw a curved line along your upper lash line. If you fancy an even more eye-catching style, you can also apply golden smokey eyes directly!

  1. Blinded

An equally beautiful way to wear golden eyeshadow is to combine it with the color brown. To do this, use your fingertip to apply the golden color to the inner corner of the eye and blend it outwards with an eyeshadow in the shade of brown of your choice.

The darker the brown, the more intense your make-up will look in the end!

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