Google Glass is Super Batch Mode

Google Glass is Super Batch Mode
Google Glass is Super Batch Mode

If the first comments about the Google Glass are correct, then this product is not clearly present, even not ready to step out in real life in a near future. Glass is difficult to see under bright lighting conditions.

If you take the time to read all the posts on review sites, forums and blogs reputation technology, you will see the leading comments of Glass is a product still many bugs, performance is a question mark and the reason it causes much attention is because the user curious with a device that looks full of fiction only.

Here are the “facts” most disappointing about Google Glass:

Battery life is bad: Page Engadget estimated battery life of 5 hours sized glasses, while Business Insider confirms not stand 3 hours. For a device that is designed to be worn on your face all day, notices, reminders to email, instant messaging, news of the obvious kind, this duration is difficult to accept.

Google Glass is Super Batch Mode-

Causing distractions and headaches: Business Insider confirms the glasses; you just can not focus on the person or his surroundings again. In addition, it also makes you a headache by not focusing on a character too close to his face in a long time. Eric Jackson, Director of Hedge fund investments also wrote on Twitter that “the disclosure of the first-phase try Google Glass, this device actually cause headaches – Google Glass at the moment there are too many downsides” Jackson concluded.

The screen is difficult to see in bright light conditions: Page Engadget calls through glass observation under direct sunlight are a “challenge”. This is really a big problem, because you have to wear glasses all day and a lot of it is time to move outdoors.

Can not adjust any settings of Glass: Again, Engadget experts proved tough & you can not adjust the volume or brightness of the screen can not turn off Wi-Fi or Bluetooth (both are always in a state out) the site said. You can not rearrange the interface card in the application or application set are preferred. Of course, users can not activate the silent mode or “do not disturb”.

Google Glass is Super Batch Mode
Google Glass is Super Batch Mode

Features voice control fails: There are 2 ways to control Glass: one is via the touch panel in the last two frames remaining voice. When you want the device to do something, you would say: “OK Glass” and outlined his requirements. But as Business Insider’s experts tested voice control feature is detected, Glass did not hear the statement that the wearer of the “the wrong signal” of a colleague chatting nearby phone. And even though she does not say “OK Glass” to signal, processing equipment still manipulate Google search for the word “run”.

Still need to use a smartphone to the outdoors Glass: Google Glass Because has no mobile data connection so if they want to integrate the network access on the move, you’ll have to connect it to the smartphone before.

Very difficult to take off: Unlike ordinary glass, Glass monolithic design is not foldable. This means you can not install it in your pocket or tucked into a pocket easily. The screen glass is very fragile and Google has warned users not to touch many. This makes removing the glass, put the glass more than inconvenient.

Reply Message difficult and not easy to edit, edit the message: If you speak slowly, clearly and avoid grammatical errors, the new maximum opportunity to send a standard email. If Glass heard wrong then you will have to delete the entire contents of the email and read from the beginning.

Google Glass is Super Batch Mode-0

Of course most of these errors can be overcome with time, but the bigger question is, you are going to use Glass to what purpose? Most experts do not see any compelling reason to force them to use Glass in the future. The engine is the most prominent Glass allows you to take a quick picture, though the picture quality is worse than many iPhone or Android smartphone.

Besides, the price of the Google Glass is too expensive. For what it received, the user has regretfully 1500 USD for the money they spent.

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