Nina Dobrev x Gorjana Jewelry Collection for a Good Cause


Gorjana JewelryNina Dobrev has partnered with the brand Gorjana Jewelry for a collection for a foundation which fights against serious illness. Shelookbook tells you more!

Fashionista Nina Dobrev x Gorjana Jewelry

In addition to being a fashionista, Nina Dobrev is a very committed wife. Recently, we found her in the video Get Covered with Nikki Reed encourages American to take care of their health insurance. She returns with a different cause dear to her heart. To fight against genetic disease, dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa, the belle of The Vampire Diaries is associated with the brand Gorjana Jewelry for a unique collection named” Nina EBMRF 4″.

Nina Dobrev x Gorjana Jewelry the name of Nina EBMRF 4
Nina Dobrev good cause campaign Gorjana Jewelry genetic disease together the vampire diaries season 5

The latter consists of 24 jewelry specially selected by the actress 25 years and is part of her favorites. On the official website of the brand, it is possible to shop bracelets, necklaces and earrings, and rings. Girly and excellent quality jewelry to decorate mainly shaped pendants butterfly, heart, star and key. A beautiful collection for all tastes! All profits will be donated to the foundation EBMRF.

This is complemented by an advertising campaign where Nina Dobrev is more glamorous than ever. Black and white, photograph highlights the natural beauty of The Vampire Diaries star Nina Dobrev season 5 wanted to ask ease wearing a black top, A fashionista that keeps feet on the ground and knows how to show active for a good cause. We welcomed this gesture! Now you can shopper the “Nina EBMRF 4” collection on Gorjana Jewelry until 14 May 2014 to coincide with Mother’s Day.

Photos Source By Gorjana Jewelry / The CW

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