Most Beautiful Celebrity Hairstyles at Grammy Awards


Most Beautiful Celebrity Hairstyles at Grammy AwardsMost Beautiful Celebrity Hairstyles, Yesterday was held the 55th Annual Grammy Awards ceremony in Los Angeles. Music for the ceremony the stars had begun as usual on their 31. Here is a glimpse of the most beautiful celebrity hairstyles of the evening…

Low Ponytail And Smooth

Kelly Osbourne Purple Color Low Ponytail

We return to the classic long hair with a low ponytail and hair ultra smooth without forgetting parted in the middle. Beyoncé and Kelly Osbourne opted for this simple hairstyle that does not forget to be chic and not ready to go out of style and less likely to have no hair in eyes, smart!

The Side Hair

Skylar Grey tie Dye Side Hairstyles

The side hair is trendy! Shaun Robinson and Christine Teigen have understood. Wavy hair on the left side for Christine Teigen or on the right side for Shaun Robinson with no matter hair on the side is at its height of glamor.

The Ripples

What’s sexier than long hair sublimated by large waves? Rihanna brown version or version for platinum blonde hair Carrie Underwood features a mermaid. The ripples are not reserved for long hair, Natasha Bedingfield prefers when her shorter version with a pretty blond square.

The Loose Bun

Jennifer Lopez Worst Loose Bun Hairstyles

The classic chignon hair where no one has the right to exceed it’s nice but the dancers on the red carpet are preferred more bohemian. Alexa Chung let her hair breathe with her bit on the side and locks escaping from either side of her face. Kelly Rowland, she leaves a few strands of her bangs framed to gather before the rest of her hair in a bun bottom. Hairstyle totally in!

The Braid

Bonnie-Mckee Braid Hairstyles

Ukrainian singer Mika Newton’s is one of the few to have opted for straight hair left to go but it is not just a perfect smoothing. It adds a braid hairstyle that gives her no time a small part to its sophisticated platinum blonde hair.
Another blonde chose to braid her hair. Taylor Swift appeared on the red carpet with a look inspired by the Greek goddess of her white dress and accented by a braided crown serving as her headband & everything back in low bun braided course & A very chic hairstyle.

And you, what is your favorite hairstyle?

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