Great Art For Your Nails Having Pretty Hands All Season


We love great art For your nails having pretty hands all season, but the summer is more conducive to madness. Under the sun, we are ready to test new products and to spend a little more time to painting our nails as usual. What are the trends polish this summer 2014?

Great Art For Your Nails

Novelty The Magnetic Polish

Must this summer and fall to come magnetic nail polish? It is a varnish that contains a multitude of metallic micro particles. Simply apply the polish and then using a small magnet that is happening just a few seconds at the top, to make the pattern that you want before the varnish dries. This gives a metallic varnish on which to apply a top coat mat.

Where to Find This Type of Varnish?

Another Trend is the Cracked Glaze

Also in the category of nail art, nail cracked. Seen on the nails of stars last year this trend was soon found on every hand. Still valid in 2014, gives a cracked glaze cracked our nails. The principle is very simple: just add a touch of this varnish united atypical asked beforehand.

Where to Find This Type Of Varnish?

The Highlight: must this summer Mode if the neon is a key trend of the summer season, it is the same side varnish. This summer we dare yellow, green, neon pink on your nails. This varnish is ideal for nails are not too long. To fit even better, do not hesitate to apply just below a layer of white glaze.

Where to find this type of varnish? At Peggy wise at American Apparel to prepare the return, notice to all those who love to have a nail in advance. Shades that will rage this fall on our beautiful manicured hands will iridescent tones and colors.

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