Christmas Greeting Cards Most Beautiful Decorations DIY


Christmas greeting cards is also this cute greeting cards to be delivered to the recipients of our gifts and if we have a little ‘ time to devote to do it yourself is a good opportunity to create with our own hands.

Here are some ideas for Christmas Greeting Cards Decorations Beautiful and simple to make.

Greeting cards Decorations For Christmas

Christmas is getting closer and fever gifts already raging for days now?

But if to find the perfect gift for family and friends need a bit ‘ of knowledge and good taste, certainly for the greeting cards that accompany the packages you need a good dose of originality. And then why not resort to increasingly expensive DIY to create small masterpieces in the house?

Rustic Jute

Here we suggest designing some simple easy to make with your hands. You will need colored paper, glue, fabric, buttons, purplish, ribbons and anything that can make it nice and effect of a ticket.

Rustic Jute Christmas Greeting cards Decorations

Take inspiration from our mini tutorial and then customized to best fit your small works of art on paper.

A Christmas greeting cards is more beautiful if we pair the card with fabrics and textiles. A beautiful quadrangle of jute can, in fact, become a particular country if attacked on the face of the ticket. We can then color the fabric with gold paint in some places and further embellish with bows of tulle and other special materials.

The Ticket to Santa Claus

This ticket we are certain that it will be much appreciated by the children. It is carried out with paper sticky red velvet, buttons, discs of cotton wool, black cardboard, white and yellow (preferably glittery or textured ). The process is simple just fill the face of the ticket with the velvet paper and then carve and attach the strips of cardboard.

The two buttons will be placed at the center of the jacket and the diskette to the cleansing will be cut in two and glued in place of the collar. Beautiful and creative!

Ribbons and Card Stock for a Postcard Winter

What you can not do with, paper! For this project, you simply divide the paper into two halves and paint the top of the blue. Take a pen with the dark blue spirit in some style decor snowflake and then glued a white ribbon in the division of the two halves colored.

Ribbons and card stock for a postcard winter

Finally, draw, cut and pasted two figures of ice crystals and overlap each other by gluing the ribbon on white. A small point of light in the center will make it more beautiful and evocative.

Decorate With Buttons

If you do not know what to do with old buttons detached does not use anymore so here is a nice way to give them new life! Ticket simple to compose because it serves only a base of Model card with sharp oval (in stationery you can buy these tickets in stock 10 or 20) a pen a black spirit and all the buttons you have.

Christmas Greeting cards Decorate With Buttons

Now you just need to glue the buttons to mo ‘ Christmas balls on cardboard and draw the threads that hold the pen. Alternatively use cotton black or brown above and paste it so the three-dimensional effect is guaranteed!

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