13 Guest Wedding Hairstyles + Models For Invited Wedding Guest


Guest wedding hairstyles, since you received the invitation to your friend, you are in a panic. Why? Because in addition to finding the perfect wedding guest outfit, you need to think about your hairstyles and here is the drama!

Curly or straight hair?

Released or Hair?

Do I have the right to make me a braided bun as the bride? To avoid further complications, it offers 13 Guest wedding hairstyles ideas distinguished and easy to perform. Be careful not to upstage the bride!

The guest wedding hairstyles for short hair

You have short hair, but this does not prevent you from playing with texture, color … As for the bridal hairstyle, it is important to coordinate your cup to your makeup, you’re a guest wedding dress and your personality.

If you have a cheerful temperament, go for a crazy cut, do not fear the ears and do as Louise Bourgouin.

You can even dare loops so Vanessa Paradis.

Show all of those who call the boyish haircut, you have never been female since you passed.

Highlight your head carriage added a backless dress or dress sleeves, Bardot.

You can also inspire you to Michelle Williams, Lily Collins or Carey Mulligan to perfect your shortcut.

Hairstyles for a wedding invitation with long hair

Whether you have long or medium length hair, you have the chance to try many hairstyles.

The most common remains the hair down, curly or straight as Cara Delevingne. The advantage of the loops is that they give a wild and bohemian atmosphere, bang on trend.

You can also test the side-hair of putting all your hair to one side. In order to keep discreetly slip a few hairpins and Jaquez all.

Many celebrities adopting it on the red carpet because it is a hair easy to make and very elegant…

If you find this hairstyle too classic, do not hesitate to half a bun or two boxer braids on top of your head. And braid, everyone knows, it comes in all forms: the crown braid, braid the ear, the braided bun…

Not always easy to do, take the hand and you will get a beautiful hairstyle.

For the impatient or for those who do not want to take the lead with their hair, it offers a knotted ponytail ultra chic or a neo-bun for a modern and trendy look.

Accessories to complete your hairstyle invited wedding

We grant you, the guest of marriage must be careful not to upstage the bride, but nothing prevents you from slipping a discreet accessory in your hair. Whether you have short hair, mid-length or long: the headband is your best friend. There are all kinds: broad, turban, rhinestones, node … Make your choice based on your preferences and the rest of your outfit.

For the shortcut, you can bet on a silk scarf in place so Great Gatsby or a veil in lingerie worn as Lily Collins.

As with curly hair boho mode, you can accessorize them with small flowers, a wreath spring and hippie chic.

And if in addition to being a wedding guest, you are the bridesmaid, here are 30 wedding hair accessories of interest to the bride.

More guest wedding hairstyles ideas come take a look at our slideshow.


13. Wreath

Spring Wreath On The Agnès B Fashion Show


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