H & M Studio Dresses for Spring Summer 2018 2019


The relaxed elegance of H & M Studio Dresses for Spring Summer 2018 2019

H & M Studio dresses for spring summer 2018 2019; H & M Studio offers a collection sporty-chic and relaxed, with numerous references to the seventies.

The collection of H & M Studio dresses for the spring-summer 2018 2019, is permeated by a mood sporty-chic and a relaxed casual style although more sophisticated.

H & M Studio Dresses

S/S H & M Studio Dresses Collection 2018 2019

The collections evoke the atmosphere of Miami and Palm Springs places where usually days of beach and relaxes, is followed by unforgettable nights. The collection is characterized by relaxed silhouettes and deconstructed, like the complete silk pajamas or robe-jackets and posters flavor with tropical palms and other naturalistic motifs.

Even the pole sleeveless beaded evokes this mood relaxed and sporty that pervades the collection, reiterated by shorts in silk shorts that also seem to play tennis or to work out anyway; same goes for cotton pullover network effect, seen in the very fabric put typically sports.

Also, many leaders recall the seventies, very blatant this recall in the skirt and accessories in suede purple or green, and in the press that seems almost tie-dye. Also flared jeans are very Seventies. The retro feel is finally confirmed by accessories like sandals slipper and sunglasses cat-eye.

The collection of H & M Studio dresses collection is very refined with the use of fabrics, volumes calibrated, and clothing such as trousers typically elegant palace. A sporty alternate and mixes with the style “from home“, all decorated with tropical elements and summer and packed with fine fabrics and the result is quite successful.

The only thing that I personally did not like, is that the press with palms on sand-colored background, which is a little kitsch, especially when applied to a shiny fabric and precious as silk, In addition, some complete too similar to pajamas, a tad excessive.

Photos Source By H & M

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