Hair And Health: What The State Of Our Hair Can Reveal


The hair is a good indicator of our health. Do not neglect or ignore them because they can be very useful in diagnosing sudden fatigue, poor nutrition or a poorly adapted beauty routine.

My hair is thin and dull

Obviously, one can quite have hair naturally fine and then there is not much to do to improve the situation … If not learn to smile problems encountered daily when one has the impression of having three hairs on the stone!

Hair And Health What The State Of Our Hair Can Reveal

But when hair is thinner and dull suddenly is often the sign of a lack of vitamins and nutrients. Adopt a balanced diet varied and especially over the long term must be able to fix the situation.

Weakened hair can also be a symptom of a hormonal imbalance caused sometimes by a concern for thyroid. If this is accompanied by weight problems, difficulty regulates its temperature or chronic fatigue, should be consulted.

My hair is dry and brittle

Hair coarse, dry and brittle is primarily a sign that they are abused every day. Too many brushings, too many colorations and especially discolorations, this abyss the hair fiber. The hair is completely dry, the scales yield, hair break. This can be seen by the fact that brushing a multitude of short hair falls on the shoulders. The hair does not come off in full, as when fall naturally. They literally break into small pieces. It should then offer them a good cut and pamper them with moisturizing care.

The followers of the vegetarian diet may also have brittle hair since keratin (main component of the hair) is synthesized by the body through the proteins. If the protein sources are insufficient in the diet, hair paying the price!

My hair is all the time cloven

Hair to damaged and unsightly points despite a passage in the armchair of the hairdresser every two to three months can be the cause of a dietary deficiency. In these cases, these are minerals and antioxidants that are lacking. Dietary deficiency can also prevent hair from growing.

My hair falls

One often has the feeling of losing a lot of hair. Yet it is quite normal to lose a hundred daily. If, actually, you lose more hair than normal, this can be caused by many factors. Antidepressants tend to make your hair fall out, like some birth control pills.

A hormonal imbalance can also break down the hair an accident, bereavement, while intense stress can also cause a sudden and noticeable hair loss. Fortunately, the hair grows in these cases.

My scalp itches, I dandruff

Itching and flaking have two main origins. Initially, this may be an external aggression: too abrasive product, a shampoo or a treatment that does not suit them, too frequent visits to the pool.

But the other great cause itching is stress. A local treatment to soothe the skin and some anti-stress and relaxing action is then the best way to treat her sensitized scalp.

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