Hair Care Essential To The Fight Against Winter


The cold winter has because of your hair devitalized they lack shine and flexibility. The best solution is not to hide under a wool cap to the contrary. We must let them breathe and especially pampered you are told how to do it here.

Hair Care Essential To The Fight Against Winter 1

Your hair is rough like straw and tangles easily …We offer you some tips in this article to find natural skincare and a mane soft and shiny as silk.

Let’s start by understanding why your hair damaged lost their vitality and brilliance of yesteryear The list is quite exhaustive officials the weakness of your scalp may result from repeated brushing, lofts, perms, coloring of, pollution, sun, sea water… On the other hand the hair begins to lose brightness of a lack of sebum on the root level that prevents the scalp to be hydrated. This lack of hydration can cause in most cases the appearance of dandruff.

Hair Care Essential To The Fight Against Winter

You have understood the weakness of your hair due to several factors, in order to limit the damage we recommend a rest from your hair. That is to say:

Limit excessive heat brushing
Limit lofts and permanent

Prefer one wash once a week with a mild shampoo. This will also help fight against dandruff Limit the use of styling products containing alcohol dehydration that carry on the scalp

Once your scalp at rest you can proceed to Phase care and hair repair.
We offer two natural skincare recipes to make at home

Care to olive oil

Olive oil

Because it is easy to find just expensive option and that everyone has at least one bottle in the kitchen. You can test this beauty tip once finished reading this article. Olive oil is well known for its medicinal properties (relieves headaches has excellent anti aging thanks to its anti oxidants balancing diabetes …) and also for its cosmetic. In fact, olive oil can scar, nourish, moisturize and readjust the balance of the skin. Prodigious skin it will be for your hair, olive oil will give them the necessary shine and softness.

Beauty tip that will take you 5 minutes top chromo (you’ll have no excuse not to take care of your hair)

Apply to dry hair for extra virgin olive oil

Emphasize the lengths and especially on the tips if they are damaged (avoid grease the scalp)
Reheat a towel so that it once placed on your hair can open the scales of your hair and allow better penetration of the oil
Before you can put the towel around your head with plastic wrap to avoid the mess
Leave on for 30 minutes your minimum care … This gives you time to watch an episode of your series prefer…

Once the time to make a hair wash with a mild shampoo, Voila, think about a treatment once a week.

Care with honey, avocado, egg yolk and argon oil

Here is a recipe a little more elaborate but always with 100% natural ingredients Homemade mask with avocado, egg yolk and honey

In a bowl crush a 1/2 avocado with a fork made sure to have a smooth pure and without lumps
Add 1 tablespoon of honey (2 tablespoons if very long hair) mix with avocado
Finally add the egg yolk
You can also add a tablespoon of argon oil
Leave on your house blend in 30/40 minutes and then proceed to shampoo.

It may be that your hair is difficult to disentangle but not panic, carefully brushing with a comb.
Let your hair dry in the open air … and voila, you have very soft mane of your dreams.

To learn more about natural hair masks according to your hair type (curly, curly, fat …), you can also read the article beautiful hair naturally. You will have access to a wider range of income types.
Keep us informed of the results you get with this hair care!
In the case where care home hair is not your forte you can still use Tammany oil capillary Kara pate whose effects are well documented. It is available in our online drugstore Vivo.

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