Best Hair Care Solution When You Sleeping, Wet Hair


Hair Care Solution: How to Style Wet Hair, then you go to sleep!

To own healthy and beautiful hair, a beautiful fade business takes a lot of time and nourishes hair care using multiple methods.

But the daily suffering sisters but always pulled back hair care very common.

The Best Hair Care Solution for those in a hurry!

After a busy day you just want to fall under the shower and go to bed? Or you have washed your hair and misjudged your time. We’ll tell you the best tips to style your still wet hair!

If you have washed your hair before going to sleep, you should make sure that it is no longer soaking wet when you go to bed.

Make it dry in the towel or in the air. If you have straight hair and want to wake up with natural beach waves, you should wrap your still-wet hair into a bun.

Hair Care Solution

So that you can still sleep comfortably, it is important that you tie it very high on the head. Also, you can braid your hair to an ordinary braid. The thicker the braid, the bigger the curls become.

Did you wash your hair during the day and have to leave the house quickly? Then we have this trick for you!

Just tie your hair into a ponytail and then divide it into two strands. Then you wrap each of these strands around each other and tie the whole thing together again with a hair tie. Once your hair is dry, you can remove the hair ties and have great waves !

Hay also found shortcomings mild hair care solution!

1. Use a Comb Inappropriate

Use a Comb Inappropriate

Are you using a comb for hair sparse list or vice versa? Typically ladies totally unaware about the strategic use of appropriate thickness hair. This will cause such harm or shed hair then. Therefore, you should determine the thickness of the hair before buying a comb to properly care and efficient.

2. Do not Remove the Attachment on the Dryer While Sleeping

You do not put the attachments on the board or just tired of the grid. However, but the elastic ponytail or hair clips may have broken when you rotate and roll over while rolling back to sleep. Or Remove any attachment from your hair before bed if you want a good night’s sleep also healthy hair.

3. Do Not Change the Position Ponytail

Do Not Change the Position Ponytail

Through a long ponytail in the same location will make your hair curled or on sticky. The scalp should also “breathe” so you should restrict ponytail tightly with prolonged time in a day.

4. Hair Care Solution at Home + Hair Cut

Hair Cut at Home

Having beautiful haircut at home, unlike men. You can ruin your hairstyle if risking cutting hair before a mirror. Or consult the experts before deciding stylist cutting hair.

5. When Drying Wet Hair Stabbing

When Drying Wet Hair Stabbing

Drying the hair still wet from a way to quickly shield damaged hair. Furthermore, if water from the hair dryer Tran on, you may experience issues related to electrical danger. So let hair dry with a towel before you start hairdryers.

If a little attention you will avoid common mistakes and own this healthy hair.

Is there the perfect hairstyle for sleeping?

Yes, sure! these tricks you will save a lot of time. the next morning and your hair will be additionally protected and maintained.

what to do with long hair while sleeping

Smooth Hair Care Solution

The best braid, not only to give yourself but also your hair a good night, is the plaited plait. Due to the loose braiding hairstyle, enough air gets to the scalp, which makes it smoother more slowly.

And depending on whether you choose many small braids, two side ones, or one, you can influence the wave strength the next morning. In addition, there is absolutely no risk of climbing due to the braided strands.

Tie Up

Grab a thick plait band (without metal, as this additionally strains the hair) and binds upside down a loose, not too tight braid. Do not pull the hair ends completely through the band like with a ponytail – works like a simple bun.

The tips should be upside down and facing forward (not down). The next morning you have voluminous hair and light waves.

Open Hair

It is more pleasant for you and the mane to stroke it backwards over the pillow so that there is no friction between the body and the pillow.

The same applies to a medium length. Short hairstyles are less complicated and only need a little oil to stay supple.

Editor’s Notes

Jana from the Salon MOIJ also advises: “It makes perfect sense to use the right pillowcase, silk pillows are optimal, they have a smooth surface and therefore less friction surface.”

For the very cautious, there are also sleeping caps, which provide all-around protection. “

Hair Care Solution: Nice in sleep

You want silky, healthy shiny hair? You can easily fulfill this dream – overnight, lying in the feathers. We reveal the best tips & tricks that can give your hair an extra dose of care during bedtime: from the slumber hairstyle to the right pillow cover

The most important article in our cosmetic bag?

Of course, the beauty sleep! We have long known that a restful night’s sleep not only keeps us physically and mentally healthy, but also makes you feel good! While we sleep (ideally for seven to nine hours), our body regenerates and starts cell renewal.

The result: A fresh, rosy complexion the next morning – without dark circles and wrinkles. Not only the skin, but also the hair benefit sleep.

There is more in it! You can make the night an extra care unit for your hair and spoil it so intensely. So, off to bed! Here are the other sneaky tricks for a gorgeous mane:

Hair Care Solution For Right Hairstyle

Hair once again before bedtime? Absolutely! There are several reasons why it makes sense to tie the mane overnight. When worn open, the hair can rub too much on the pillow, which can cause split ends and hair breakage. The next morning, the hair is less tangled and can brush much easier.

Hair Care Solution

So that you do not feel uncomfortable while lying down, you can tie your hair into a high, loose bun. It is best to use a soft velvet or silk hair band to avoid unsightly kinking.

The great thing about hair care solution:A great trick for late risers to save time in the morning and still look very stylish!

The Full Pampering Program

The nocturnal hours are ideal for lingering on hair masks and cures for a particularly long time. The nursing wonders nourish and repair the hair, although in part already after a minute. But overnight they can prove their concentrated care-force!

The rich products usually contain vegetable oils (eg argan or jojoba oil), important proteins and even fortifying hair building blocks.

Just massage the deep care into damp hair before bed and pack your head in a fluffy microfiber towel. Blow dry before bedtime – the heat further enhances the conditioning effect.

The Perfect Sleepyhead (for your pillow)

The same applies to our hair: How to embrace oneself, that’s how one lies. With the right choice of pillow you can make the night for your hair even more pleasant and gentle. The best is a cushion cover made of silk suitable. Why? Due to the smooth surface, the friction is much lower than with a cotton cover.

You want perfect hair? Then you should do that before going to bed!

Do you know these days when you get up and your hair just falls perfectly without having to do anything? We do not … So far. We found out what we can do to wake up in the morning with great hair.

With these 5 things you have the perfect hair in the morning

Use a Hair Mask For Hair Care Solution

Hair masks always take eeewig. There’s no time during the day!

The solution: do it overnight! Because you can leave the mask for seven hours at a time in the hair.

So: Mask in the evening in the dry hair, sleep and rinse in the morning. Hello, shiny healthy hair. Is there anything better?

Use a Hair Mask For Hair Care Solution

No, you do not dream: we’ll tell you how to get a great, healthy mane overnight.

Change your Pillowcase

Many Bad Hair Days have a reason: a rough pillowcase. Yes really! If the fabric is just a little bit rough, it can damage your hair texture, making it the unrecognized reason why many of your hair is frizzy and flying tomorrow. So you should use a silk cover.

Cotton is an absorbent material that also pulls natural oils out of your hair, making it look dry and dull, and can lead to split ends and hair breakage.

Style your hair before going to bed

Instead of styling your hair when you get up in the morning, just do it at bedtime! Best in a hairstyle that provides the basis for the look you want to wear the next morning. Braided hair, for example, makes great waves. A casual French braid provides the ultimate beach waves , a ballerina bun for curls that look unintentional.

Use dry shampoo For Hair Care Solution

Dry shampoo is not only the lifesaver to mask a greasy finish, it is also a 1a volume booster. Give the spray into your hair before you go to bed. After getting up, massage your hair roots, shake your hair upside down, and add a pumper dry shampoo on top – boom, you’ve got a lot of volume instead of a greasy finish!

Condition your hair

Never go to bed with wet hair! Wet hair is super sensitive, leading to the friction on the panel Frizz can lead or even breakage. If you shower in the evening and wash your hair, then the more so: please brush through and blow-dry. Trust us, you will be glad to have done it!

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