Hair Chalk Tie & Dye Trend For Hairstyles Shade

Hair chalk or is still on some heads, but it must continue to wear this summer?

Hair Chalk Hairstyles Shade

It has emerged there is a little over a year, just after the trend of tie & dye worn by Nina Dobrev, Vanessa Hudgens or Kylie Jenner. Less definitive and aggressive hair, more fun with the colors that allows the hair chalk is a good way to daub mane in blue, pink, or any color that we seem appropriate with a kind of chalk (chalk in the language of Shakespeare, everything is connected!).

Hair Chalk

Hair Chalk Tie & Dye Trend

The advantage? It starts with the first shampoo and allows gradients that blend pretty well in lengths unlike stains or discolorations that made us familiar with many failures, and giggles, let’s face it, discovering our head or the fashionistas who have tried to tie & dye or trendy pink green or blue coloration. Short, hair chalk has only benefits, including not insignificant that we can point us to an interview overnight without having to don a wig for the serious air. But should we keep this trend and wear it proudly on our heads again this summer? This is the question that arose in the drafting.

hair chalk

Nina Dobrev beautiful look in hair chalk

hair chalk

Actor Kylie Jenner gorgeous look with hair chalk

Hair Chalk Tie & Dye Trend For Hairstyles Shade

Vanessa Hudgens in tie & dye hair Trendy look

Indeed, if we liked to daub the tiffs last year, studying the hair trends of the season, you realize that fashion is rather natural side of our heads! There has to see the beauty tutorial to adopt the retro look of Alexa Chung. And do we have to face facts, we saw neither California nor Australia, and our beach parties are rare! No, aperitifs on the banks of the Seine and the tanning hours at Paris Plage do not count! In addition, the Coachella festival, for which you have been granted a wild hair chalk, is already past. No excuses. If you have some chalks, keep them still for a little bit a day when you feel the soul particularly, but prohibition of abusing this summer! Prefer to chalk hair sunburn sweep to clear your blond or brown and caramelize your brown.

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