Latest Haircut Hairstyles Trends – Best Fashion Shows Hairdressers Near Me

Discover the latest haircuts, hairstyle trends spotted for you at the best hairdressers near me from fashion shows. All the trendy hairstyles to help you find the right hair salon as far near me and you.

This season, will you have to wear your square blurred or smoothed? Will the braid be right on the bun?

Timeless Hairstyles Trends – Hairdressers near Me

We obviously find the great classics like the braid or the bun. But also the ponytail or smooth blow.

These timeless hairstyles have the right to their youthful look with the new trends of the season. Swap your bun against a half-bun or your ponytail as a braided or messy pattern, change your smooth blow- dry for a wavy effect.

From the classics to the craziest, the most beautiful hairstyles are to discover in this folder.

Hair Trends Inspired By The Fashion Shows

New trends are springing up every season and blow a more rocky wind in your hair with, for example, the half hawk hairstyle or the hair plated back with a wet effect…

Discover the new hairstyles displayed by the models. Fashion Week also inspires your hair! From the hairy-tousled to the low ponytail through the middle part of the line … The fashion pros breathe newness into our hairstyles.

For you, we have spotted hairstyles that will easily go from podiums to the street, without making headaches.

Spring-summer or autumn-winter: the hairstyle changes according to the seasons
Yes, hairstyle trends inspired by the beauty looks of fashion shows. And yes, they are not the same in the fall-winter as in the spring-summer. Even if your braid is perfect for summer and winter!

If in winter we choose rather practical hairstyle models with our hats and scarves, we also let ourselves go to more glittering trends like a sequined stripe. We have low ponytails, braids or loose hair.

And in the summer, you control your hair to avoid dragging it in the sand of the beach or getting too hot. High ponytail, African braid, bun or headband … Everything is good to fix this hair!

Trendy hairstyles according to your haircut

Do you have long hair?

Many trendy hairstyles are available to you! Braid ear, bunted bun, half-bun, ponytail … The possibilities are endless.

Half-length hair, you can test many models present in our file.

Do you have a short haircut?

Do not panic, Even with short cut hair or a square, it is possible to achieve various hairstyles. Even to bet on hair accessories.

Beautiful Bohemian Hairstyles Spotted On Pinterest

Bohemian hair has become a staple of hair since a few years. So we decided to reveal to you the most beautiful hippie hairstyles spotted on Pinterest.

In the program?

Feathers, headbands and pretty headband for a breathtaking boho result.

The bohemian look is a whole style.

Bohemian Hairstyles

It’s flowing clothes, colorful prints, barefoot and loose hair!

Bohemian hairstyles, it’s for everyone!

What is annoying is that often, to have a hairstyle of madness, you must have long hair.

Or very long.

But not with bohemian hairstyles!

Even short hair can play with this trend.

For those who do not have Rapunzel’s hair, just play with the accessories.

A hairstyle with a pretty headband and presto, voila!

To you the hippie style…

The bun and the braid reign supreme in the world of bohemian hairstyles

To give a 70’s side to your hairstyle, there are 2 main styles to adopt:

The braid: we will make any fine and quantity a little everywhere according to her hairstyle.
If you make a half tail, then you can make some braids on the loose part of the hair.

Otherwise, you can make glued braids or even a braided half-tail.

A Bohemian Half Bun - Bohemian Hairstyle With A Half Tail In Braid Ears

The bohemian bun: another must hairstyle.

It’s an advantage?

It is performed on long hair, medium long, and smooth, flexible, curly or wavy!

Bohemian hairstyles spotted on the stars

Many of our friends are celebrities who craze for boho-style hairstyles.

The most adept of the bohemian hairstyle?

Nicole Richie who appears regularly with pretty little braids and other accessories that adorn her mane.

Another follower of hippie’s hairstyles?

Vanessa Hudgens who poses regularly (especially during the Coachella festival in which she participates every year) with bohemian hairstyles more beautiful than the others.

>> Let’s go for the most beautiful bohemian hairstyles spotted on Pinterest.

Hairstyle of The 90s: The Best Of The Worst In Pictures

One is taken of a sweet nostalgia as soon as one remembers the 90s. The games of our childhood, the different tendencies of clothing and especially the hairstyles on which one fantasized.Hairstyle of The 90s

No doubt, we are totally subjective when we talk about the subject. Because to look more closely, the 90s have not been a breeding ground of trend … quite the opposite!

They were above all the fertile ground of the craziest modes. Whatever. For us, there will never be a better hair trend issue than “the two front strands” or “zigzag stripe”. Subjective, you are told.

“You are beautiful, no matter what they say”

From Gwyneth Paltrow to Brandy via Larusso, we spent our memory combing through.

History to find you the best of the best 90s hairstyles. Where the worst of the worst. It’s all about point of view…

Do you dream of reproducing a trendy hairstyle from the 90s? (No one will judge you, well, almost not.)

The Hair Trend Of The 90s:

Hairstyle Of The 90s, The Tight Curls Of Nicole KidmanAdopt tight curls right from the root of Nicole Kidman for MAXIMUM volume. For the more experienced, dare the crepe duvets of Baby Spice, to match your pearly shirt.

For fans of smooth hair, the trend of the 90’s is volume. And not just any. Not the one, natural, that you get to blow up styling mousse.

No, the volume of the 90s is worthy of the rebellious wick of Marie at any price. Created with a flat brush and a strong fixation spray. She wakes the Tori Spelling inside you.

And hairstyle question, dare the famous trend of “two locks of the front” largely plebiscite by Jennifer Lopez.

Result: an easy to do hairstyle that does not lack panache!

As a finishing touch, do not forget to sprinkle some glitter on your hair, like Ophélie Winter. If this hair trend of the 90s lacked a hint of refinement, it was its small effect “ball faceted” in the evening At the word.

The color trend of the 90s:

To reproduce the same coloring trend, ask your hairstylist for a blond stripe sweep like that of Gwyneth Paltrow.

Better yet, dare to glow red Larusso. You will be noticed even at night, in the darkness.

Of course, our hair tips are to take the second degree! Do you want a -raid- beautiful hair? Go see our folder on trendy hair coloring.

In the meantime, check out our #flashback folder on 90s hair trends!

A pleasure to offer, the joy of receiving.


A line of hair well placed and presto, it is your look that is totally modified. But how to draw the line of her hair? Rather in the middle or on the side? Nattée or blurred? Discover the most beautiful ways to trace your line.

Best Ways To Draw The Hair Line To Have Good All The Way

The hairline is usually placed alone.
She follows the movement of the hair to come and fix herself.

But changing the placement of the line of hair can reinvent its look.
A fortiori when we come to stylize the line to make it even more trendy.

The line in the middle: a classic
For an ultra chic look, we do not do better.
But difficult to wear on a daily basis.

So, we do not hesitate to draw the line in the middle with a bun for a party look or for a job interview provided you do a ponytail to not return a too “rigid” image.

To make a line in the middle, nothing more simple.

We smooth our hair and draw with a comb a perfectly straight line that starts from the middle of the forehead and stops in the middle of the head.
Then, we attach or leave her hair detached.
It is noted that it is perfectly adapted to girls who have the oval face.

The Hair Line In The Middle, Zig-Zag and Oblique Line

Between the line on the right side or the left side, my heart swings
This is the shape of the line that best suits all women.
It allows erasing some small “defects” of the face as imperfect asymmetry or a nose a little imposing.

And for a breathtaking result, the idea is to draw the base of the line at the level of the brow bone and go straight from there.

From there, you can opt for all the eccentricities.
Make a one-shoulder optical illusion by plating one side of the line behind the ear, for example.

In V: the informal line will seduce you
If you find the ray in the middle of the ray on the side too “déjà-vu”, then you have many other alternatives.

Our favorite:

The V-line.
Very original, it is perfectly suited for a beautiful evening hairstyle.
To achieve it, it is not complicated.

Just find the middle of the forehead and draw 2 perfectly straight lines: one that deviates on the right and one that deviates on the left.
The central part should be brought to the back and the sides behind the ears.
Finally, everything must be attached at the neck because this hairstyle does not hold on loose hair.

If you do not yet know which hairline to crack, discover without further delay our ideas of inspiration.

#How To Style Your Baby Hair Fashionably?

Baby hairs, this little hair a few inches around our face, sometimes tend to spoil our hairstyles. Not anymore! From now on, they are an integral part of it. Discover how.

Oh, baby hairs. You know, that little hair a few inches long, all fine, that grow all around our face? Unable to fix in our hairstyles: they delinquent form ears frizz … At least to use gel to make them toe the line, they make their own way.How To Style Your Baby Hair Fashionably

Well, that was before. Because for a few months, the hairstylists of the stars and fashion shows have decided to make them an integral part of our hairstyles. With a little gel, we plate them on our forehead or our temples to create volutes ” wet effect “ that complement our hairstyles.

Baby hair: a trend that does not date from yesterday

In fact, if the stylized baby hairs reappear on the catwalks and red carpets for less than a year, they are far from a novelty, since La Toya Jackson had already adopted in the 70s.

And yes: like fashion, the hairstyle is an eternal recommencement!

The baby hairs revived day

Over the last few months, we have spotted this style of hair on several stars, starting with Katy Perry, who combines her baby hairs with her hair color, or on Rita Ora, who stylizes her baby hairs with a glittery gel.

Baby Hairs, The New Hairdressing Trend Spotted On Katy PerryBaby Hairs, The New Trend Hairstyle Spotted On Rita Ora

FKA Twigs has also fallen for this style of hair: just look at her Instagram to realize that she swears by them.

And fashion is of course not left out. On the spring-summer parades: they were spotted on the podiums of Givenchy or DKNY.


Discovered in the role of the sublime and wealthy Serena Van der Woodsen, Blake Lively continues its ascent to success. Considered a true it-girl, she launches and revives trends according to her desires. While we covet all her wavy curls, she adopts a hairstyle of the 80s and we are all jealous.

Does not worry, the hairdresser gives us the keys to succeed Blake Lively’s hairstyle.

Blake Lively Changes Her Mind

On Wednesday, June 22, Blake Lively made a strong impression with her new haircut. Accustomed to seeing her with her long mane of surfer, it is found with ripples very eighties. In full promotion of her movie “The Shallows”, the actress never stops surprising us side look.

Pregnant with her second child, Blake is always elegant and proves that one can have a baby pump and be canon. Just like Serena van der Woodsen, she does not try to please others, but to please itself. Her new style suits her perfectly, she is simply radiant.

We are certain that after trying to have the same wavy curls as the actress, you will at any price want to adopt her new hairstyle. Rest assured, his hairdresser Rod Ortega tells us absolutely everything about what promises to be the new trend of summer.

How to make Blake Lively’s haircut

Seeing the long hair of Blake Lively and the multitude of loops, one might think that it took her hours to get such a result, but in truth not at all.

Admittedly, the actress has hairdressers, makeup artists and even stylists to help her get ready for her travels, however, her hairdresser Rod Ortega assures her, it only took her about thirty minutes to succeed this hairstyle.Blake Lively Revives The Hair Trend Of The 80s

“It’s not permanent. We simply used the Whirl Trio hair device to make pretty loops. I was inspired by the style of Stacey Q, which I admire enormously. I had a lot of fun making this hairstyle.

For the bad ones who say they are hair extensions, Ortega simply denies it. To obtain such an impressive volume, he used a hairspray to work on their texture.

After having well distributed your spray and modeled your hair, then, brush them and alternate between brushing and spray. As he likes to explain, it’s not quite 80 cut. Indeed, at the time the hair was rigid while those of Blake is soft and silky.

How not to damage your hair

Ortega also worked on the actress’s hair during the filming of “The Sallow”. At first he was worried about seeing Blake’s hair damaged by salt water and the sun, but in the end, it is absolutely not the case.

The young woman knows how to take care of her hair, as she often confides in her interviews, she regularly uses coconut oil to nourish her hair.

Now that you know how to succeed Blake Lively’s hairstyle and how to protect your hair, at your brushes!

#Hairstyles Tendencies That We All Hated Before Being Addicted

There was a time when the ray in the middle was the worst thing that could happen to hair. Even the indomitable frizz and greasy roots of a bad hair day were more acceptable.

Today, the ray in the middle is everywhere. It is displayed on the catwalks, preached through the sleek hair trend, encouraged on every bob cut. It’s a bit like that, hairstyle trends, it goes away, and it comes back.Best Hairstyles We All Hate Before Being Addicted

Here are Best hairstyles we all hate before being addicted.

Not long ago, Gigi Hadid was photographed in the street wearing Proust’s madeleine of hairdressing, namely … THE TWO BRAYS! When our mother did this to us in college, it was still happening. But very quickly, rebellious adolescence forces, we have arranged the two braids to the classified affairs of the archives of the little house in the meadow.

But that was before because recently, the braid is back in force and the two classic braids too. And we like that, even.

In the world of hairstyles, there are many examples of hairstyles that have been hated before adopting them with passion. Here are five. Admit, you made yourself one of these hairstyles today.

  • The Line In The Middle

There was a time when the skate in the middle was a terrible memory of our 10 years when our mother was shaving our hair in the morning to go to school.

The stylish hairstyle, on the other hand, was the maxi-wick on the side, which was made beyond the limits of the gravity of the hairline, the line almost above the ear.

Today, the line in the middle nerdy has become the height of chic, sober, sophisticated. Coughed.

  • The Half-Hawk

The half-hawk is that little (or big) triangle of shaved hair on the side of the head. Popularized, among others, by Rihanna and Miley Cyrus, the trend initially left many perplexing beautistas.

Yet, from the moment we began to see it – and to think of it as strange and marginal – and the moment when we saw it literally everywhere, there was only one step.

We all ended up cracking for the half-hawk, whether in the ” not even scared, I shave for real ” mode or without getting wet, cheating with a braid plated on the whole side of the skull.

  • The Two Braids

When we were in college, there was only our mother to suggest we do two braids on a bad hair day. “But it’s so cute! She said to you. No way! There was only Laura Ingalls to dare to strut with two braids on each side of the head.

Who would have thought that a few years later, the double braid would literally see ALL, from Game of Thrones to the red carpet through the pretty face of Gigi Hadid? Two African braids, two loose braids, whatever, the braid is double or not!

  • The Low Ponytail

In the same style as the middle part, the low ponytail was the persona non grata of the capillary world. Impossible to have even a bit of style with a hairstyle as old and boring.

Since then, water has flowed under the bridges. We do not hesitate to wear a loose cowhide tail, effect. Even better, it is pampered with a big regressive darling, a pink bow or a jewel for hair.

Pssst … It’s a very good hairstyle idea to go to the office!

  • The Permanent 80s

Nobody would have bet a kopek on the great return of the permanent 80s, in the manner of Bonnie Tyler, Madonna or Cher.

It was not counting on Blake Lively and her eighties loops, so sexy on her that we all want to get into it.

When is the return of the zigzag line and mullet cut?

#The False Square: Change Your Hairstyle without Cutting Your Hair

Worn by the stars, the false square is the trendy hairstyle that allows you to change your head without cutting your hair. To inspire you and help you adopt this almost magical hairstyle, has unearthed for you the best of the fake square. So for those with long hair or medium length hair, here’s how to have hair squared during a day.Change Your Hairstyle without Cutting Your Hair

The long hair has a good life. A knack, a hairstyle fast and natural, the hair is reassembled to give a fake square way short hair.

No need to slice between long hair and short hair, you can have both without going through the haircut box. It’s not wonderful?

The False Square, A Practical Hairstyle

The faux square is an ultra trend among people. Now the models also wear the wrong square!

Since London Fashion Week 2011, Milan, New York has proved, the faux square has become a trend of hairdressing. Here are the fake square models that you will be able to wear to have an airy hairstyle this summer.

The fake square is just an illusion. The manes thin and give way to a more or less degraded square cut.

How To Make A False Square?

Chic and easy to make yourself, simply flatten the lengths of hair at the nape of the neck. Secure your hair by tying it like a romantic bun, maxi braid, and low ponytail or tuck your hair inside and secure with pliers.

You can also wear the fake square with hair accessories like a headband. Practical, it has the advantage of helping you lift your hair.

The faux square is a boon for long-haired women who now give the illusion of being as beautiful as long hair as short hair.


They have long hair yet they wear the square cut. The fake square also known as fake bob or fake bob is THE star hairstyle of the moment, but also the hairstyle of the stars. On the red carpet of glory, the manes rise up for a glamorous hairstyle! Here we go for an overview of the most beautiful fake bob spotted on celebrities.The Fake Square Haircuts, Hairstyles Seen In The Stars

Life is beautiful with long hair. A magic trick can be enough to change your identity.

You can decide to display:

  • A romantic bun,
  • a banana bun,
  • The braids waterfalls,

In short, with long hair, you can fall for many possibilities of hairstyles.

But the trend of the moment, especially among our friend’s celebrities, is to opt for the faux-carré.

The stars followers of the false square

The red carpets are the ideal opportunity for the stars to wear hairstyles crazy.
It is also at this moment that we can dig into their ideas to find the next hairstyle we could achieve.

And the hairstyle for which we fall in love after seeing all the stars display it is the faux-carré.

The fake-bob as it is sometimes called is a kind of optical illusion that allows us to believe that we have a cut squared while our hair is as long as Rapunzel.

We saw this stunning hairstyle on Nicole Kidman, Katie Holmes, Gigi, Hadid, Emma Stone or Reese Witherspoon!
This is to say how much of it is trendy …

How to make a false square?

No need to cut everything!
The idea is precisely to keep its length but to cheat by making believe that we got rid of it.

A new cut, but without heating the CB at the hairdresser.

But how to make a fake-bob?

Nothing very complicated in reality.

If you have degraded hair, separate the shorter wicks from the top of the lengths.

Then, tie the lengths with a rubber band without tightening too much.

Lower the fastener to the desired length for the square.

Then, roll the tips inside, towards the nape of the neck. Then secure with bun pins.

Detach the locks from above and crimp to give volume.

Finally, smooth the surface by styling backward with a comb!

You are now the queen of the false square!

>>> And if you still hesitate, here are the most beautiful fake-bob spotted on the stars: you will be bluffed.


She walked on all the podiums. The wet look effect is one of the trendy hairstyles that remains. To learn how to tame it, Cathy Monnier, artistic director of Saint Algue, gives you all the good advice, the good gestures and the good products. Ideal on wavy hair, soft hair or curly hair, the wet look is a “return from the beach” effect. A touch of summer in the winter.

How to make this trendy hairstyle and how to adopt the wet look effect?

The answer in 3 minutes of images …

Are you going to adopt the wet look effect? Cathy Monnier, artistic director of Saint Algue, gives you all the good advice, techniques and products for a perfect hairstyle.

Wet Look Hairstyle

© Ruben Chamorro

The wet look effect is a “back to beach” effect. Ideal on wavy hair, curly hair or soft hair, the wet look effect is, more generally, a hairstyle of evening. She is wearing an elegant evening dress, like a real siren.

Realize the wet look effect: wet the hair

To achieve the wet look effect, you must have wet hair so that the gel can slide on it. Then you paint to have smooth hair. The gel then applies to the whole of the hair.

You separate the hair in two parts from the top of the ear to be able to distribute the gel well. If you do not put gel inside, the hair may dry out and get bigger.

In order not to inherit damaged hairstyle. you mix the gel with a restorative serum.

To choose the right gel, you will find, on the market, a gel effect wet look, precisely. If you can not find, you can use an extra strong gel.

Combing the hair to distribute the product

Using a comb, you draw a notch on the front of the hair after smoothing the hair. The notch will help to soften the hairstyle.

The wet look effect is realized. You can either leave your hair smooth back or make a braid. As you wish…

Thanks to Cathy Monnier for her precious advice, to Sarah (make-up artist from Sothys) for turning us into a princess and Laure for her nice participation …

#Discover The Most Beautiful Spring-Summer 2019 Hairstyles!

Spotted on fashions parades, the hairstyles spring summer 2019 is already there. In the program of the season? A timeless wet look, straight stripes and “nappy hair”. Want a glimpse of all the hair trends of the summer of 2019? Follow the guide!

To complete a look, nothing is more important than the hairstyle.

And to stick to the trends, has spotted for you the hair trends spring summer 2019.The Most Beautiful Spring Summer Hairstyles 2019

The wet look, a must-have fashion trend on the catwalk

At Alexis Mabille, Fenty Puma by Rihanna, Prabal Gurung or Marni, the hair is wet on fashion week shows. The wet look is one of those timeless trends in the world of hairdressing.

If we find the perfect result on the models, we dare not always pass the course of “wet effect” in everyday life. Yet this hairstyle is perfect for parties and sublime curly or wavy hair and pixie cuts!

To achieve a wet look effect, simply apply gel on wet hair and comb them backward.

The line in the middle continues its lineage

It has been on the rise for several seasons! The line in the middle gives free rein to all our desires.Wavy Hair With A Half-Tail For The Alexis Mabille Fashion Show

It is worn on wavy hair for an effortless look, with a half-tail for a schoolgirl style or wet look like the Alexis Mabille fashion show.

You’ll understand, for a chic evening or a casual effect, the hairline in the middle is all right, sometimes straight, sometimes blurry.

The “nappy hair” at the heart of trends hairstyle spring summer 2019

The “nappy hair” (contraction of “natural” and “happy”) is more than ever in the spotlight on the catwalks!Nappy Hair

This season the trend is natural. The frizzy hair displays sublime afros hairstyles on the catwalk.

At Saint Laurent, Aalto, Acne and Agnes, the volume and beauty of afros hair are at the heart of trends this spring summer 2019.

Do not panic for all those who do not have an afro cut like Solange Knowles or Winnie Harlow, curly and wavy hair can also adopt the natural style. Pamper your curls and admire the result!

So to visualize what will be the hairstyles trends spring summer 2019, here is our selection of the most beautiful ideas of inspiration.

#The Fall Winter Hairstyle Trends 2019

All seasons return the same question: what will be the next hairstyle trends? And as always, Shelookbook is on the spot. We have spotted for you all the hairstyles trend fall-winter 2019 that we can display.

Crazy braids, revisited buns, accessorized hairstyles: discover without further delay the hairstyles trends of winter 2019 that we will have to wear!Fall Winter Hairstyle Trends

At each change of season, it’s the same story: you want to change your mind.
And hairstyle, for the autumn-winter 2019, there is something to do.

What will the hair trends of tomorrow be made of?

The beauty news tells you everything.

The hairstyles trends 2018-2019 will be wise and natural

Forget the hairstyles too sophisticated, too calibrated, too structured.
For the autumn-winter 2019, if you want to stick to the trends, you will have to show your hair naturally.
Nappy hair at Victoria Beckham or look wise as an image at Uma Wang: this season, no head of hair.

Accessories over The Head For Winter Hairstyle Trends

The 2019 season marks the advent of hairstyle accessories, mostly retro as the maxi crab hair clip.

Remember: in the ’90s, we all wore toothbrushes.
These plastic zigzag headbands come back for the winter on the front of the stage.

Thanks, WHO?

Prabal Gurung who styled her models with these flagship accessories.

Another accessory we will see on all heads during the autumn-winter 2018-2019: the bars.

A rhinestone like at Zadig & Voltaire, with a knot like Kors or floral version at Katie Gallagher: the bars will turn heads.

Finally, hair trends will give pride to headbands.
Wear it in leather like at Tom Ford or fabric printed at Top 5, the headband will complement and pamper your look.

A lot of buns for autumn-winter 2019
It’s a chic hairstyle and shock.
The bun, according to how it is made, always makes its small effect.

For a hairstyle of the evening, one realizes it tight and why not buckled like at ChoCheng; and to go to work, it is dressed in neo-bun as spotted on the parade Teresa Helbig.

The braid, queen of hairstyles trends fall-winter 2019

Like every year and every season, if there is a hairstyle that does not take a ride, it’s the braid.

And the autumn-winter 2019 is no exception.

We find again this season braids declined to abundance.

Which do we like the most?

The glued braid or African braid that both fit in the great trend of hairdressing trends.


How to have a cut bob for a day, without going through a decisive and irreparable chisel? The answer is simple: cheating a little! To obtain this very trendy result, users use the technique of “Fake Bob” or false square. Do not worry: shelookbook tells you everything to get there.

It all started with Gigi Hadid at the American Music Awards. On the red carpet, the model is a sensation: would she have dared to cut his long blonde hair to opt for a cut bob?

The answer is no: she simply opted for a little trick to turn her long hair into short hair. A hairstyle called “Fake Bob”, or false square.

False squares: the procedure for making a Fake Bob

To make this hairstyle too, you need two things: several bobby pins, as well as a good dose of patience.
This is not the kind of hair that you can achieve in a few seconds stopwatch.
And even if there are only two steps!Fake Bob

1 / Divide your hair into two low duvets tied at the shoulders.

2 / with hairpins, attach the bottom of the duvet (the one under the elastic) at the root of your hair, in the neck.
Do not hesitate to use several pins to be sure that no wick will come off; otherwise, you will break the effect of your hairstyle!

False square: Internet users are already fans!

With this new hairstyle, you can enjoy it in the short haircut without sacrificing your length. Internet users are delighted, and on Instagram, they are already many to have embarked on this technique, proof that it is not so complicated!

> And you, will you dare to a fake bob cut on your long hair?


Fashion week is not always synonymous with hair eccentricity impossible to redo in real life, at home in front of her mirror. The catwalks of the collections unveiled some nuggets of hairstyle trends, ultra-chic styles, hairstyles that are easy to remake all by them.

With our hairstyles tips, discover six ideas for styling like fashion models and adopting new trendy hairstyles.

The Low Bun

Diane Von Furstenberg’s inspiration was “the seductress of the night”, according to her hairdresser, Orlando Pita … The hair stylist prepared the hair of the top models by styling them with a soothing balm. He applied it from roots to ends, in order to give a natural, slightly messy effect. He then wrapped locks around an elastic band.

Then he took all the locks to make a knot. Then, he pinned everything, leaving some loose hair for an airy and delicate effect. Finally, Orlando Pita fixed the hairstyle with a strengthening lacquer.


The result is a trendy, casual and accessible hairstyle that is stylish and holds all day long.

A bun easy to do, in short.

Structured Locks

At the Marissa Webb show in New York, the hairdresser Jeanie Syfu began by using a mouse to create a wavy effect. She applied it with her fingers, bit by bit, provided with a hairdryer and a hairbrush with soft bristles.

Result: a natural movement, shiny hair, and a perfect fall.


Streaks In Shambles

“We wanted to play with the natural texture of the hair of our models” commented Pita, the hairdresser who took care of the hair looks of BCBG Max Azria.

For starters, Orlando Pita applied a sea salt spray, for a wavy effect, natural and sexy, without stiffness. He sprayed it on the length of the hair. But he did not touch the tips to be able to slip them easily in the clothes.

“I was trying to bring texture to the top of the head so that the hair is a little wild. But I left the natural ends without a product to be flatter, “says Pita. Then, he pulled a few strands of the neck randomly, for a more natural wavy style.THE TWISTED DUVET WAY HERVÉ LÉGER BY MAX AZRIA


The Super Smooth And Silky Ponytail

To create a ponytail smoothed back at the Carolina Herrera parade, Orlando Pita used an extra-strong gel. Which gives the quilt a wet texture.

( The recommended amount: a nut for fine hair, double for long hair or thicker ). Then she pulled her hair back, in a low ponytail, held with a metal string, to revisit this inter-coral hairstyle. Sexy futuristic effect guaranteed.


The Twisted Duvet

Pita at Hervé Léger by Max Azria brought up to date the simple and flat ponytail. He added a twist by making two twists on each side before joining them by the elastic.

For models to keep hair smooth, Orlando Pita first applied an extra-strong gel on the lengths and ends.

Then he split the hair in half, twisted it and pinned it, before putting all the hair on the back of the neck with a rubber band. Finally, to refine the result, Pita fixed the hairstyle with a strengthening lacquer.


Subtle Hair Accessories

On the catwalk of Misha Nonoo’s fashion show at New York Fashion Week, famous hairstylist Ryan Trygstad sought to give the models some freedom by letting them do their own hairstyle. An easy-to-make hairstyle: a low, textured ponytail, with a unique look on each top.

First, the hairdresser suggested they apply carefully, from root to tip, foam to create a natural wavy look, effect out of the water. Then, once the hair waved, each girl made her ponytail herself with an elastic band.


Then, they intertwined flat bars over their ears. An accessory yet simple, but that makes its effect.


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