Haircuts and Hairstyles Trends [2021 2022] The Top Ten For The Autumn Winter


From fashion shows autumn winter 2021 2022 revealed several hairstyles and haircuts that will represent a real hair trend for the cold season. For a ‘better idea of what will be the must-hair 2021 2022, for you the top ten of the hairstyles that we will adopt next season.

Top Ten Autumn Winter Haircuts and Hairstyles


Braids and Pigtails Hairstyles With Nice Twist Hair Down

Braids and pigtails in all variants have been a nice twist. In particular hairstylist, Antonio Marras recreated on almost all the models. the nice pigtails to Pippi Longstocking, closing the show with two models with large braids. Au Jour le Jour instead went on the most simple braids that keep her hair down in style 80s.

This is the best hairstyle for thin hair

The greatest desire of women with fine hair has always been to get it fuller. For this, one likes to resort to small aids such as volume shampoos or hair powder for the approach to create a little structure.

This is how the deep ponytail succeeds

The hair must lie here sleek, so completely smooth on the head until it is then tied deep in the neck. And that looks all the better and cooler, the smoother the hair is.

Here’s how: Pull a central or side vertex with a stick comb as you wish. Now brush your hair back with a paddle brush and tie it to a hair tie without a metal part at the neck. Finished.

100 Hairstyles & Haircut Trends Towards The Fall-Winter For 2020 2021

Hairstyle the 80s

Hairstyle 80s and Afro Hair For Autumn Winter Haircuts and Hairstyles

The afro hair and cotenant eighties back in fashion to make use of Blugirl and Moschino.

80s hairstyles & styling

Colorful, loud and cool – the 80s have a lot to offer: Wild hair, high-pitched make-up, and daring fashion are part of the standard repertoire of this era. If you want a little less, we have a soft version for you!

“Allowed is what pleases!” – no, this is not a song of the Neue Deutsche Welle, but THE statement of the shrill 80s! But the 80s also had their tempting sides: On oversized blazers, leggings and jumpsuits woman does not want to do without and hairstyling are again volume, side flip and “Vokuhila” (short front, long behind) announced.

Typical 80s: crepe & Co.! More on this we show you in our picture gallery:

80’s styling: at that time shrill, today soft

Retro is a trend, yet people’s perspectives and perceptions have changed.

Pictured left: An expressive short haircut with a long pony party, sporty short jacket, a crop top, shiny high waist leggings and accessories in neon colors – more ’80s styling does not work!

The picture on the right: Completely different and yet very similar: The discreet variant of the 80ies styling contains all the basic elements of the iconic look.

The short hairstyle is styled cool up, the crop top is replaced by a short-cut sweater, under the fabric instead of bare skin flashes. The leggings give way to a high waist skirt and only the shoulder bag shines in neon pink. Done is the minimalist eighties look!

80s hairstyles: 8 hairstyles to make yourself

The eighties were colorful, shrill and in terms of hairstyles definitely a highlight. No wonder that a few styles are still in vogue today (think crepe hairstyles and headbands)!

What you can definitely agree on with all the exotic 80s hairstyles is that they are great for a retro party. If you are invited to such an event – or throw it yourself – then look at the following 80s hairstyles as inspiration.

We just drop a few words: Madonna, Dirty Dancing, Nena, Aerobics, David Bowie, Punker, Popper, Tina Turner, Modern Talking, Glam Metal. And, can you already get a picture of what was going on in the eighties? Let’s say: It was not only wild in terms of make-up and fashion.

80s Hairstyles: Those were the hottest looks

Doing 80s hairstyles yourself is not difficult at all. If it’s not just a radical haircut, but in such cases, you better reach for the wig anyway. Unless you want to wear the style of everyday life – which can not look bad sometimes.

1. Crepe hairstyles

In the eighties was creped what the hair held. The great thing is that the look is still fashionable today and easy to do by yourself:

  • Heat your crepes.
  • Share your dry hair in strands about 3 cm thick.
  • Now you crepe each strand carefully from the beginning to the tips, piece by piece.
  • In the end, you spray again neat volume hairspray in the hair so that everything holds and is extra bulging.

2. Perm: sometimes XL-waves

Nothing went without a perm in the 80s! She is the prime example of an 80s hairstyle. In rows, the ladies let their hair in mini waves or dramatic, large curls lay.

If you are looking for this 80s hairstyle, it’s best to go to a hairdresser, because he knows exactly how the procedure is as hair-preserving. Otherwise, you will also find tips on how you can do a perm yourself.

3. Vokuhila

Today a hairy horror, then the hottest trend: The infamous Vokuhila hairstyle. Both men and women got the “front short, long back” cut miss and thought: Yeah, cool, finally a short spiked pony and long strands united in a hairstyle!

Today, well, the Vokuhila is after all for the theme party like no other. We recommend a wig for the stylish footballer look of those days.

4. Toupiert, frizzy and shaggy

Generally applies to 80s hairstyles: the more it looks like you had a short in the socket, the better. You can achieve a true volume explosion by taunting your hair, especially at the base, so that your hair protrudes from your head. Wiggle your head right through and fix your work with hairspray.

Already you could pass as a lost member of Guns N ‘Roses, circa 1987.

5. Lateral ponytail

It gets really girly with an asymmetrical ponytail, which sits somewhere diagonally upside the head. Just not accurate to the top! Bend for the hairstyle best, grab your hair and knot at the desired location. How to achieve a great palm look!

6. Sidecut / Undercut

From the punk direction, the side or undercut came as a trendy hairstyle. So if you’re brave and always wanted to try the hairstyle, now is the time! The rest of the hair on the head should, of course, be one thing above all else: fluffy tousled.

Pssst: If you do not dare to shave, then you can also straighten your hair so tightly on the side that it looks as if it’s short.

7. Hairdryer shaft

8. Colorful scarves, XL hair ties & headbands as hair accessories

Absolutely iconic, round off your 80s hairstyle with a colorful, knotted cloth, a glowing hairband or a fluffy XL hair tie. The more noticeable the accessory, the better.

Which hairstyles were announced in the 80s, we have now revealed to you. In our photo gallery, you’ll find the hottest hairstyles of every decade since the 1920s. Is my favorite the 40s and yours?

In the style of Marilyn Monroe

The hairstyle by Marilyn Monroe for restyling

The American blonde with the pouty mouth and the sexy curves mainly wore the hairstyle that is currently experiencing a revival: glamorous retro waves. On her 50th anniversary, we show you how to create the look and which stars are already wearing it

Marilyn Monroe was more than an actress with comedic talent, a singer with a sexy voice (“I Want to Be Loved By You”) and a quick-witted model (“Did not you do anything?” “Yes, the radio!”).

Norma Jean Baker, on the advice of her agent, adopted the stage name Marilyn Monroe (after the musical star Marilyn Miller and the birth name of the mother) and the brown hair dyed blond, is one of the most beautiful women in the world.

The s-ex symbol of the 20th century. A style icon that is worshiped and copied to this day. Rightly so. Marilyn Monroe was an apparition. She combined beauty with charisma. Seductive, attractive and glamorous – her appearance fooled her with what it looked like inside her: fragile, insecure and fearful.

Trademark: The hairstyle of Marilyn Monroe

What made Marilyn Monroe a style icon was to a great extent her hairstyle: voluptuous glamor waves in blonde hair. A look that is back in style and is often referred to as a Hollywood-style retro hairstyle of the 40s and 50s.

Madonna, Amy McAdams, Paris Hilton, Christina Aguilera, Katherine Heigl, Michelle Williams – the list of stars who have styled Marilyn Monroe’s distinctive hairstyle is long.
But what makes the Marilyn look special and how does it best come into its own?

The retro-style glamor waves work best with around, not-too-thin face. The hair should be chin-length for the typical Marilyn-Monroe look, slightly graduated and blond.

The waves should be big and not too numerous. As a make-up, red lips and black eyeliner are the perfect companions for the sexy-sensual Marilyn Monroe hairstyle.

Marilyn Monroe Hairstyle: How to Style Them

1. Knead a fist-sized amount of volume foam or styling mousse into towel-dried hair.

2. Draw a side vertex with the comb.

3. Gradually wind a wide strand onto large curlers or around a thick curling iron.

4. Blow-dry the hair and then gently remove the winder or wait a few seconds using the curling iron and then remove it.

5. Pluck the curls into shape with your fingers. If he is to be elegantly styled, comb hair gel into the hair. If the look seems casual, you can use your finger to mess up your hair a bit.

6. Spray the hairstyle with gloss varnish.

Beautiful Short blonde haircuts By Hairdresser For Autumn Winter Haircuts and Hairstyles

Max Mara has not only revived her style but the hairdresser Sam McKnight has recreated the beautiful blonde hair, plagiarised from the most important stars in the world for large events. This hairstyle is achieved by adopting special measures, even if the hair is long enough to make them look shorter.


Side Cut for women: sexy and cool

The trend to wear the hair on one side is kept to a minimum. So: Ran to the razor! Be inspired by the side-cut styling of the stars in our gallery beforehand. If you want to test the look first or generally prefer to pretend, we also have tips for you

Shaved hair in a complete look?

A rare sight in women. Much more wearable and charming, but just as extravagant: the sidecut, the combination of short hair on one side and longer top hair on the other side.

Very sexy and incredibly cool at the same time – a cut that combines two opposites and immediately catches the eye with its extreme long-short contrast!

Side Cut taken: cheating allowed!

Side Cut is not the same as Side Cut. On the one hand, the hair length of the short part can vary. The rule is the shorter, the more daring!

The styling of the remaining hair defines the look – and feminine! Bob with waves, beach waves or braiding? You can style the hair as usual! For formal occasions: With a ponytail, the sidecut is the least noticeable, as the hair rests evenly on the head everywhere.

Who does not want to part with his long mane for a side cut does not have to do without the one-sided, short eye-catcher. The trick: Braid the hair on one side close to the head or put it up!

Side Hairstyles with line accentuated by the gel in British style

From London comes the line side in the British style. A limestone with hand Sportmax and Jil Sander with hair super smooth and line accentuated by the gel.

Baby Grand

Quick and easy Hairstyles With Accessories to create Baby Grand

The baby grand is an excellent solution for those who want to collect the hair but not quite. It’s quick and easy to create revisited in the seventies by Giambattista Valli and Francesco Scognamiglio.


Short And Long Bob Wavy Hairstyles For Autumn Winter Haircuts and Hairstyles

Hair in the wind from the ocean flavor, wavy and fold natural choice by Dsquared2 and Roberto Cavalli.

Middle Line

Middle Line Smooth Bends or Wavy Hairstyles for Autumn Winter

Same side of the line. You can carry with smooth bends or wavy.

Bob Climbed

Bob Climbed Rock Chic Short Haircuts for Autumn Winter Haircuts

The bob climbed proposed by Emporio Armani combines style and rock chic, definitely a cut unexpected.

Ponytails or Ponytail

Low or High Ponytails Hairstyles for Autumn Winter Haircuts and Hairstyles

You know it never goes out of fashion. We saw her on the red carpet on many international stars. It is proposed soft, low or high.

Hair collected

Hair collected feminine and always in fashion for Autumn Winter Haircuts

The crop is delicate feminine and always in fashion, we can call it an evergreen.

Warm colors, natural cuts: Star hairdresser shows which hairstyles are in fashion in the coming fall and winter season – and which hair trends women 40plus are particularly good at.

Loose waves and a natural color gradient: With this hairstyle for long hair you are in the fall and winter 2020 2021.

What points you should pay attention to when choosing your hairstyle and what are the fall and winter trends in terms of cut and color, reveals star hairdresser in the interview.

Trend hairstyles in fall and winter 2021

Whether long or short hairstyle, curly or smooth, with or without color accents – one thing the trend hairstyles have in common: a portion of casualness.

The trend is towards hairstyles that do not seem too “fuzzy”. The basis for this must be the haircut, which should harmonize the facial proportions. What trend hairstyle is the right choice for you, also depends heavily on your face shape:

The 4 Face Shapes
  1. Women with oval faces and harmonious, slightly salient contours are spoiled for choice when it comes to hairstyling: From straight ponytails to gentle curls, you will find almost every hair styling. Also, the choice between the middle and side parting left to the wearer – not to bring the face out of balance, fits aside apex, however, particularly well to oval faces.
  2. Heart-shaped faces are characterized by a broader forehead and a narrow, pointed chin. Short hairstyles, such as a classic bob, are the right choice here. Since too low apex highlights the chin, women with a heart-shaped face prefer a slight side vertex. Even a pony has an advantageous effect, as it flatters the forehead and makes it appear optically narrower. Strict hairstyles should always be loosened in this face shape with a few highlights that play around the face.
  3. To give round faces more contours, the hairstyle should have an optically stretching effect. Volume at the top of the head and a (deeper) side vertex are ideal for this. If you are wearing a center part, the hair should play around your face and conceal the wider cheek area. On ponies and chin-length hairstyles, women with a round face should rather do without.
  4. Distinctive chin and forehead lines are the typical features of a square face and work well with “softening” hairstyles. Hair falling sideways, for example as a pony party, is the right choice and conceals a striking forehead.
The Right Color Choice

As with the haircuts and hairstyles stylists in autumn and winter 2020 2021 on naturalness: The Ombré look has had its day – now natural color gradients and the play with light and shadow lend the hair liveliness and make it look healthy and youthful. It would be best to consult a hair expert and professionally color your desired look.

Which cuts, hair colors, and styling are in fashion in fall and winter 2020 2021

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