In principle, every woman depends on her face shape and color different haircuts, and hair color.

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Hairstyles 2024 for Long Hair.

If you have a nice, long mane, you have a wide range of options for your hairstyle. In 2024, the wet look is one of the trend breakthroughs even for long hair. The right styling is important.

Simply style the sides with hair gel back slightly and the fashionable look is finished.

For hairdressers in 2024, the focus is on hair jewelry. Different hair accessories spice up the trendy dresses for this year and look genuinely feminine.

An elegant alternative to the popular hair piercing and metal hairpins is the hairband. The loop around the horsetail emphasizes your femininity and is one of the most popular trends in this year’s hairstyles.

Short Hair Dresses 2024 For Brave Ladies.

The short haircut is in vogue and anyone who doubts this claim can look at the haircuts of some of the most famous Hollywood ladies. Cara Delevingne and Kristen Stewart have a very short buzz cut, with Katy Perry makes a clear statement with a blond pixie cut.

The best thing about these trend breakthroughs is that they do not need any care.

The hairstyles 2024 for short hair put on clear edges and statement looks. The short hairstylists offer some styling options, the most popular of which is the sleek look this year.

Is The Medium Hair Trend.

No other reason you need to have your hair cut off.

This year, too, the medium-haired hairstyle remains high on the trend-hairstyles list.

Buzz Cut is a cheeky short hairstyle for brave ladies. The hair is completely shaved and worn very short. In recent years, more and more famous ladies from the fashion, cinema, and music world cut their hair rasping, and make a clear statement: “I am strong and confident!”

What’s The Buzz Cut For Women?

The Advantages Of Rasped Hair

An extremely short haircut brings a few advantages.

That means sleeping more in the morning and not losing hours to style your hair. If you want to keep your hair short, you should shave it every 2 to 3 weeks.

How To Properly Wear The Buzz Cut For Women

Ladies with very short hair are just as attractive as those with long manes.

We recommend discreet make-up for everyday life, where you could emphasize the eyes for special occasions.

Styling Options For The Buzz Cut For Women

The Buzz Cut For Women Inspired By The Celebrity Ladies

More and more often we hear about celebrity ladies who have replaced their beautiful mane with a raspy short haircut. The reason for many famous actresses was actually film roles, which required extremely short hair from them.

Celebs like Natalie Portman, Kate Hudson, Cara Delevingne, Demi Moore, Charlize Theron, and even Cate Blanchet, and many more have said goodbye to their long hair on behalf of their careers.

Models like Kris Gottschalk and Ruth Bell have taken their careers to the next level with their short haircuts.

In the picture gallery, we have put together some of the prominent women who have ever dared to do the buzz cut for women.

Kristen Stewart Shaved Off Her Hair For A Roll Of Film

Cara Delevingne With Different Variants Of The Short Hairstyle

Actress Kate Hudson Separated From The Blond Mane

Simple Hairstyle Ideas For A Trendy Style

Do you think that between loose hair and a bun, there is no middle ground? And yet, the hun, the new trend for your hair brings these two classic hairs!

How To Adopt The Hun?

The advantage of this hairstyle is that it is not complicated.

The Variations around The Hun

And if you thought the bunny half-bun, wait to see all possible variations!

You can wear it high on the skull or lower, wrap it in XXL or a discreet version, add mats, or twist your hair…

He is called Man Bun and has already become famous thanks to David Beckham, Orlando Bloom, and the hipsters.

Facetted blondes are again the hair color trend in 2024 and offer a good variant for ladies with a very light complexion. The most popular are Platinum blond and Ash blond, which offer a wonderful chance for the classic summer blond.

Balayage is a striking technique for natural-looking color and gives the popular Sunkissed look.

You can distinguish between balayage blond and brown.

As mentioned above, a large portion of hair color trends in 2024 are colorful.

The right haircut for your head shape and which tint fits your color type

The right haircut and the right hair color make your facial features look their best.

Not every hairstyle is available to everyone

Which hairstyle you like best depends primarily on your head and face shape.

A hairstyle that looks great on your girlfriend or a friend does not have to work the same way for you.

The Right Hairstyles 2024 For Your Face

The Best Hairstyles for Oval Faces

Oval faces are almost all hairstyles. Both would unnecessarily stretch your face.

These Hairstyles 2024 are Elongated Faces

Having a long or narrow face means choosing a hairstyle that will make your face look fuller and more contoured.

Even a pony can take something of its length from the elongated face. Be sure to avoid any hairstyles that make your face appear even longer.

These include extra long hair, a sleek look, hairstyles with lots of volumes on the top of the head, and tight-fitting side parts.

The Perfect Hairstyle for Round Faces

Round faces are everything that oblong faces should avoid.

A high set pony and single falling in the face highlights provide relaxation and the proportions are compensated.

For long hair, you should make sure that the lengths do not have too much volume. A side parting and slightly falling hair pants are ideal.

You should avoid a lot of volume on the sides and curls, as they make the face look even rounder.

These Hairstyles 2024 Put Heart-Shaped Faces in a Scene

Even a pony is good for you with this face shape.

Stylish Hairstyles for Trapezoidal Faces

Not optimal are all hairstyles that end at the level of the chin. They draw attention to the already prominent chin area.

How the Hair Color Underlines Your Type

This is classically divided into four seasons.

The Spring Type

If you have fair skin that tans lightly, blonde, light brown, or reddish hair, and light blue, light green, or light gray eyes, chances are you’re a spring type.

Colors like golden blond, golden brown, flax blond, and ash blond are very good for the spring type.

The Summer Type

The summer type is cool and needs just the same hair colors to shine. It hardly turns brown in the sun and has light blue, light green, blue-gray, blue-green, or light brown eyes.

Hair colors that are of the summer type always have an ashen tone and never a golden undertone.

Optimal is platinum blonde and ashy blonde from light to dark. All reddish hair colors and black should be avoided.

The Autumn Type

Her skin may be light or peach to golden brown.

The eyes can show all brown shades and green eyes are not uncommon.

The ideal hair colors for the autumn type are golden blond, ash blond, red, light brown, chestnut brown, and roan brown.

Platinum blonde and black is usually not the fall type.

The Winter Type

Light skin and black hair like Snow White – that’s the classic winter type.

For hair dyes, the winter type should always resort to cold tones. Ash-blonde, dark brown, bluish-red, and black are outstanding.


The right hairstyle puts your face in the best possible light.

We will be wearing these hairstyles in 2024

The Hairstyles 2024 comes in all sorts of variants and colors. We give you a short hair update for the new year.

The new hairstyles in 2024 make it possible.

We scoured social media and looked at the hairstylists and hair brands, which hairstyles expect us in 2024. And voila: That’s how we wear our hair in the new year. By the way, at the bottom of the article, you will find many hairstyle ideas.

Boys detention? Yes! Unsexy? This hairstyle trend shows your androgynous side. You wear the hair on the side short and blown up with a lot of volume.

Very short


From Beach Waves we can not part with the hairstyle trends in 2024; they are just too pretty. If you do not have natural ripples, you can use pigtails overnight and saltwater spray.

Long bob

Even the long bob made it over from the past year to the hairstyles in 2024.

Do you want to cut off your hair or Not? Maybe the fake long bob is something for you: tie the hair into a ponytail, pull the hair elastic down to the desired bob length, and fix the folded hairs with hairpins in the neck.

To the side, please

Where is the crown of the new hairstyles in 2024?

Clearly: as far outside as possible.

Creped, won

Yeah, creped hair is back! A bit premature.

Better half

The good news for all Half-Bun fans is: You’re in luck, this trend hairstyle will remain with us in 2024.

Smooth thing

Take a lot of wet gel, comb it into the hair, and bind the mane to an ultra-severe ponytail. A little tip for those who naturally have curls or more volume: first stretch the hair with a straightening iron, just blow-dry, or let air dry tightly tied together.

Fancy a guy change? Anyway, the new year will be hairy with these hairstyles!

01. Tamed waves

If you have a bob, you can beat it in 2024. The hair is first blown to approach volume and brought into shape with the curling iron. Do not forget heat protection.

02. The deep side parting for short hairstyles 2024

Bold and mega-cool look.

03. Hair flip

Best regards from the 90s. The secondary track for mega volume and a trendy hairstyle is 2024. Hairstyling hair against the natural crest.

04. Androgynous short hairstyles

If you have a feminine face and courage for brevity, you can use the Men’s hairstyles 2024.

05. Balayage, Baby Highlights, and Fade Out

2024 will be the year of color games. one of the most beautiful hair color trends for beautiful, natural highlights. Figaro brushes the paint on the hair.

Some strands remain untreated, some are stronger, and some are weaker and stressed.

Re-dyeing is not necessary! 2024 will be the year of the color-lazy among us, allowing us a much more natural, soft ombré look. The approaches remain subtly colored, in the lengths may Bayalage and baby highlights grow out.

06. High ponytail

Hair makeover that Sienna Miller pioneered at the Golden Globes. All it takes is a high ponytail.

Tip: The tighter you bind her, the more facile the face appears.

07. Natural hair textures

2024 we celebrate the hair as it falls. Perfect for late sleepers and strained manes. Now, the hairdryer, stretch iron, and curling iron remain more and more often in the drawer.

08. Twenties Bob with ultra-short pony

The classic pony pauses in 2024. The trend motto is to let fringe grow out or trim ultra-short. How to love the 20’s Bob with an ultra-short pony.

09. Sleek & Silky: Ultraglattes and shiny hair

Elegance is never out of fashion. Smooth, shiny hair with center parting is the most beautiful counter-trend 2024 to voluminous wavy hairstyles, Undone looks, and Regebogen highlights. Important for this look: Works only with healthy hair.

10. Ponytail

With these hairstyles, you shine at the festival

FESTIVAL FIEBER Get ready for the festival summer! Carmen Segattini from Batiste gave us this year’s festival hairstyles. You can easily copy them, you can see them here.

We met Carmen for the hair evening. She showed us how well-styled we are to the music of our favorite bands. Beach Waves from the 70s or Raver Buns from the ’90s, we bring the old times back to life again in our hair.

Step-by-step guide for festival hairstyles

Festival Hairstyle: Beach Waves with Floral Wreath for Boho Girls

  1. Brush your hair well and divide it into smaller parts.
  2. Now wave the hair into your hair with a large curling iron or a straightener.
  3. Fine strands are now separated on the forehead and braided into small braids. For a wild effect, the braids are draped a little bit apart.
  4. head back flower wreath on it – and the super cool bohemian look is ready!
  5. Divide up the hair along the center parting and put it away. Bind the games to two high ponytails.
  6. For the ultimate festival look, there’s a lot of glitter dust left on the crown – and the bold IT Girl Look is ready!

Latest Hairstyle Ideas for Hairstyles medium length

Interesting: Do you want to apply bun hairstyles in 2024

The Bun Hairstyle – a pair of original ideas for beautiful hair

Hair accessories can make every ordinary hairstyle more attractive and complement their vision.

The bun hairstyle is always trendy

Small metal tips will be a big hit among accessories in the spring and summer of 2024. You can find them in shoes, bags, t-shirts, and jewelry. To have some of them in your hair, you need a thin leather bracelet with studs.

A bun hairstyle with the decoration of metal tips

You can use different ribbons or stripes for this idea. Even after you’ve styled your bun, tie a hair tie, and as an accent entwined ribbons and bows. This is how your Dutt looks much more attractive!

To weave flowers motifs

If you want more color, add fresh or artificial flowers to your hair. The idea presented in the second picture is achieved by a small rubber band, covered with roses.

See how, with a little imagination, you can transform the hair of the future bride into something beautiful.

A hair towel or scarf in your hair

Small scarves get new features, except as an accessory around the neck you can use them as a supplement to your hair. There they look great too! Or not?

Pretty Ideas For Festive Hairstyles Just For Diy

A classic ponytail, cute bun, or romantic braid, here are five ideas for festive hairstyles that you can imitate at home. If your hair is a bit unruly, use styling products to tame it.

Festive hairstyles – updo in the form of a bow

Tie the hair together in a ponytail. This should be set a little higher. Pass the hair through the hair tie twice and do not pull it all the way through the third time. The part that was not pulled through the rubber must go up.

Divide the hanging bun, which you receive, into two equal halves with your fingers. The rest of the hair is on the back over the part where the bun divides and fastens with clips. This is how you get the node of the loop.

Timelessly beautiful festive hairstyles 2024 – The classic ponytail

The classic ponytail is always a great decision, as it is eternally stylish. Tie the hair up a bit in a ponytail. Let a strand hang down at the neck.

Fix it with clips.

A romantic ballerina bun

For the festival, you can make a bun, which is typical of ballerinas.

Tie the hair together for a higher ponytail. Top the ponytail for more volume.

Braiding hair, type “waterfall”

A Romantic Hairstyles 2024 for the Holidays

The romantic hairstyle for the holidays is easy to do. Put on a hairband, preferably with a bow or flower. Braid a thin braid on the left side.

Rihanna With Pink Hair: Is She Really?

The fact is – that Rihanna is no longer with her boyfriend Drake. Most women in the same situation would immediately run to the nearby hair salon to change their hair color. And what makes our Riri- she chooses a wig.

She was spotted at a basketball game with her baby pink hair.

Riri even posted a little joke on Twitter, Nicki Minaj being the eccentric one who gave her this inspirational idea.

And it said: Rihanna: “We just looked in, what she has to offer for summer wigs and Voila! Bad girls like entertainment!

“Whether she really likes those pink hairs, the decision lies with each of us!

Elegant In Everyday Life With Pink Hair

Rihanna combines all that in one.

The Opinion Of The Younger Generation

What does the younger generation say? Why not!! If you really need a change you first look at the outfit.

A pop star like Rihanna dares to appear in such an outfit if everyone is ready for it is completely different.

The alternative would be to wear a wig or streamer. That’s exactly what Rihanna decided. Bravo Rihanna – congratulations!

Youthful Look With Short Haircut

Would you like to take the step and try a short haircut?! Here you will find the most unusual ladies’ short hairstyle you have always wanted. Take a look at this great picture gallery. It is worth it!

Ladies Short Hairstyles 2024 – Cheeky comb forward

Add summery accents with highlights in copper gold. A lady’s short hairstyle is slightly wavy and with free-swinging hair, and the tip is a hit this season. Depending on your wishes you can wear this hairstyle with or without bangs. The natural curls make a stylish and flattering look for any occasion or event.

The fashionable ladies’ short hairstyle with smooth cut and pony is the classic bob hairstyle.

With Side Vertex

The side apex gives a short haircut a glamorous look.

The Controversial Side Cut For Women

Short, shorter … the youthful look

Everybody knows the rebellious look. Why not!

Make hairstyles yourself – inspirations and instructions

Celebrities and Hollywood stars present casual outfits and festival hairstyles that become true trends for the coming warm season.

Hairstyles 2024 – Beach-Like Waves Of Nature

For the festival hairstyles, the undone look generally applies – the more casual the better, as if you did not do anything with your hair. Complicated, elaborate hairstyling and smoothed hair leave you for other occasions.

Put on an open, long mane with natural waves or conjure up a stunning braiding hairstyle. Cool looks and inspirations can be found in the article, as well as simple instructions for copying.

Make Hairstyles Yourself – Braided Hairstyles 2024

Try braiding yourself. Small or big, it’s important to look the same.

Make Festival Hairstyles Yourself – Playful Pigtail Details For Every Hair Length

Braids just as an accent in the open hair look very chic and informal.

Hairstyles 2024 – Small Braid On The Middle Parting

The approach is a bit darker and the hair tips strikingly blond.

Make Hairstyles Yourself – Put A Small Braid On The Middle Part Of The Head And Tie The Hair Together

A herringbone braid just as an accent, you can start braiding from the middle of the top of the head. Depending on your wishes, leave the hair open or tie it in a low ponytail.

Festival Hairstyles 2024 – A Little Bit Sophisticated – Bun With Plait Detail

If you prefer to have your hair tied together at the festival, just put a braid in the hairdo. Braid a herringbone braid on the back of your head and tie your hair into a bun using a Dutch pillow.

Make Festival Hairstyles Yourself – Fishbone Detail On The Top Of The Head

Festival Hairstyles 2024 With Undone Look – Messy Bun With Braid Details

The Undone look is very popular and practical at summer parties and open-space events. The hair is tied up and dancing does not bother at all.

Long-haired ladies can make their own braiding using step-by-step instructions. Watch the video.

Make Festival Hairstyles Yourself – Hippie Wreath Decorated With Real Flowers

As a popular braided hairstyle for the summer, the braided wreath is characterized. She is suitable for medium-long and long hair and is a great, casual alternative for Steckfrisur it, Boho Flair.

Hairstyles 2024 For Long Hair – Half-Open Braided Hairstyle With Natural Waves

In this way, hair extensions can be inserted and make them appear invisible. Experiment with trendy shades without damaging your hair and use playful strands in braided hairstyles 2024.

Semi-Open Braided Hairstyle With Loosely Braided Pigtails

The long mane can be annoying at higher temperatures.

Bind Half-Open Long Hair With Loosely Braided Pigtails

Festival Hairstyles 2024 For Long Hair – Make Waterfall Braid Detail Yourself

A waterfall braid really comes into its own with long hair. Draw attention to your great, long mane and braid a braid, as shown, on the front part of the hair and thereby accentuate your pretty face.

Festival hairstyles with braids for every hair length – waterfall braid, herringbone braid or just a detail as an accent

Festival Hairstyles For Short Hair Make Yourself – Half-Up Bun

Ladies with medium or short hair do not have to miss festival hairstyles.

Alternatively, if available, you can use a diffuser.

Simple Festival Hairstyles 2024 For More Volume

If you’re looking for more volume, these two hairstyles with half-open hair may be just the right ones.

Festival Hairstyles 2024 Trends – “Tapestry” Or Colorful Wickerwork In Your Hair

Recently, real wickerwork with colorful threads on the head can be conjured up. These are reminiscent of the friendship bracelets and the woven hair strands of the nineties.

You will find it great and easy to imitate hairstyles for long hair. Put accents in your festival look with wavy hair, matching hair accessories, and playful, inserted pigtails.

The Great Hairstyles Tips To Help You 

Today we will help you to save your hairstyle. If you have a little free time, get it and keep it in a bag that you always have at hand.

Hairstyles 2024 – Things That Are Compulsory For A Perfect Hairstyle

Be Prepared With These Hairstyling Tips!

Get these 5 things to help you get out of such situations quickly and reliably.

Hairstyles 2024 – Barrettes and Hair Ties

They are among the first aid remedies under the hairstyling tips and you should always have them on hand.

With the hair tie, you can tie the hair together in a variety of ways and the hair clips help with the more complicated details.

Start by collecting trial items to take with you on unexpected trips. Avon’s on-the-go cosmetic kits offer a great variety.

Hairstyles 2024 – A Fitting Accessory For The Hair

It’s always a good idea to have a pretty accessory to decorate your hair instantly. If you go for a drink immediately after work, you can add a pretty hair clip or barrette to your hairstyle and you’re done for the evening.

Do you meet your parents after a busy day in the office?

Then refresh your simple ponytail with a hairband. Accessories automatically make you look prettier and create a refined look.

Hairstyles 2024 – A Mini Straightened Or Curling Iron

They just look cute and are still comfortable to carry around. Mostly they work with batteries, without the annoying cables, so you do not have to hope for a power outlet. With them, you can lure or smooth yours quickly and easily and they fit anywhere, even in the purse.

Hairstyles Tips – A Comb

A comb can solve all sorts of problems and emergencies. With it, you can add volume to your hair, comb the interlaced hair tips, or tame confused hair. Always have a comb in your handbag ready to rescue your hairstyle if necessary.

Rockabilly Hairstyles – Pretty Variants and DIY Tutorials

Engage your hair with medium-sized hair curlers.

Create one for the Rockabilly hairstyle’s typical vortex in the fringe area. Next, take a strand from the side.

Turn this side strand as if you were to turn in a hair curler and fix the obtained vertebra with a hair clip. Repeat the step with the other side.

You can wear the rest of your hair open or tie them together in a low ponytail. You can decorate this with a nice bow or another interesting accessory.

Here is another variation on rockabilly hairstyles 2024 from a ponytail. With it is again the typical pony in the form of a curler. The ponytail is adorned with a yellow bow.

To make a retro updo, you need nothing more than a headscarf. That’s why, as shown, wrap your hair in the back of the head. Finally, tie the cloth together in the area over the forehead. You can also make the typical rockabilly hairstyle pony again.

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