2021 Hip Hairstyles for Straight Hair & To Be In Order for Round Face


Does your straight hair hang lifeless and faintly along your face and do you want something different? Or do you just like to look at other hairstyles? We collected inspirational hairstyles for women with straight hair!

At one length

Don’t want to go too long, but certainly not too short? Then this intermediate length is a very nice alternative! With some extra layers and/or highlights you create more volume and an oblique parting makes it just a bit more playful.

Festival Hairstyles Yourself Making Manual Short Hair Bob Half-Up Bun

If you prefer a little less fuss, go for the middle part. Your locks may just hang comfortably along your face and it is even extra beautiful if the hair is turned inwards.

Long bob

As you can see, there are endless possibilities with the long bob: oblique, straight, with/without bangs, center or side part or asymmetrical.

Hairstyles Trends Long Bob Sleek Look Middle Crest


Not afraid to experiment with your hairstyle? Then you can go for an asymmetrical bob, for example. This hairstyle also comes in many variants. You often see hair being shaved or simply cut very short on one side. Even with long hair you see more and more asymmetrically cut hairstyles!


Pixie cut

Short haircuts are all the way back in 2014 and it shows in the pixie cut trend. This hairstyle is especially tough and feminine, but can also be very casual by, for example, backcombing and combing it backward. This style works best if your hair is moderately thick and full.

Pixie cut


If you have longer hair, layering is always good. If you want a little more volume, let the layers cut a little shorter around your face. You can also go for more layers at the bottom so that your long hair is nicely emphasized.

How To Do Layers Wavy Bob Hairstyles For Round Faces


Ponies come in all shapes and sizes. So you have the ‘curtain’ where you push the fringe from the middle to the side. But you also have the thicker bangs à la Taylor Swift, which falls over the eyebrows. In addition, you can also go for shorter, wispy bangs or oblique bangs.

Which hairstyle do you immediately run to the salon for?

Hairstyles for Straight Hair

In addition, the proposed alternatives ranging from short hair to long ones, leaving you free to explore with the imagination.

Hairstyle Rebel

straight Hairstyle too short hair,Rebel Hairstyle

Look extravagant and eccentric, perfect for evenings out.

Circle and Line

straight hair of medium length Hairstyle

Quick and easy to carry, perfect for hanging out in order every day.

Low Bun

Low Bun hairstyle

The long straight hair can be exploited for different combinations of hairstyle, such as the low chignon.

Ponytail with a Strand around the Elastic

Ponytail with a Strand around the Elastic

Ponytail? Welcome… This strategy will give you a small look trendy and chic, that even the star dish out.



Each choice will transform your look from romantic to elegant and refined within a few minutes.

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