Fall-Winter Hairstyles Trends For Hair Collection 2021


This fall-winter hairstyles collection 2021, adopt one of ten hairstyles trends of the season! Pixie crop, wet effect … hair Fashion reveals all

They say yes, every now and then a new hairstyle brings a breath of fresh air into your life 🙂 If you want a change in autumn & winter 2021, this blog article is perfect for you.

Here’s everything that’s important now when it comes to haircut trends!

The pony an lá Alexa Chung, Brigitte Bardot, and Caroline de Maigret is one of the trendy haircuts of the year! What distinguishes her? A loose undone look and a frayed, longer cut.

Thus, the bangs are not cut neatly and accurately over the forehead but look a bit grown out, so that you can easily style them to the side. It’s best to take a picture with you to the hairdresser, so the haircut is guaranteed 🙂

Alexa Chung Ombre Hairstyles

The hairstyle also gives enough potential for trendy hairstyles, with the stylish hair accessories such as hair clips, the curtain bangs can also be tucked aside. The bangs are best suited to hair of medium hair length.

Do you have fine, thin hair?

Then the calligraphy cut is perfect for you! The haircut pays tribute to the “art of beautiful haircutting” and means that the hair is cut with the Calligraph knife-scissors.

You may already know the technique from the hairdresser if he wants to give the hairstyle more casualness. The haircut works in almost any length, the difference is that the hair is cut at an angle of 21-23 degrees. This creates a subtle, stepped cut that makes hair look more voluminous.

Help Take Care Of Thin Hair

You can actually speak of a classic here, but the long bob is always a trend hairstyle, especially for the autumn and winter seasons.

Why? Because it is the perfect length for autumn/winter fashion. Everyone with long hair will know it: Hair tangles in scarfs, knitted sweaters charge them up electrically and if you tie them together, you freeze faster.

The best hair solution to the problem?

A new haircut 🙂 I’ve been wearing the long bob for a few years now and can only recommend the hairstyle! It’s really not that short and especially when tucked into a turtleneck sweater as a hair tuck, the haircut looks simply modern and timelessly beautiful.


For the really brave 🙂 A runway trend is the pixie or buzz cut. In a nutshell: Hair off!

Anyone who has always wanted to dare to do that, now is the right moment, because you are not the only one 🙂 I admire every woman who cuts her hair with a rasp and I know some who have this haircut looks really great! The short hairstyle is definitely a statement and emphasizes your facial features.

For the September collection, many of us want to innovate the hair level to change the year and start from scratch, change haircuts is often a good idea to return from vacation.


I like BeyoncĂ© and Rihanna’s pixie crop trend did you eye all summer, why not take the plunge for the autumn-winter collection?

View during the last parades of Fashion Week, the pixie crop cut account wreak havoc from autumn collection. But if you do not dare cut your hair so short, why not try a square half long.

Hair coloring hair: The pixie cut crop as Beyoncé will trend this autumn-winter 2021
Hair coloring hair: The pixie cut crop as Beyoncé will trend this autumn-winter

A good alternative to the cropped pixie cut while the remaining trend for fall-winter collection. Many top models have already adopted this hairstyle both feminine and fashionable.

If you do not want to touch your length, the bottom bun seen on the Dolce & Gabbana fashion show may well make you fall for the autumn-winter.

We crepe top of the head to avoid strict dancer star effect and fixed the bun at the nape with tweezers snow. Nothing better to have a tendency to fall!

coloring hair! This fall-winter 2021 2022, the wet hair is in vogue!
Coloring hair! This fall-winter, the wet hair is in vogue!

This fall-winter 2021, red as Charlotte Tilbury, makeup artist Cara Delevingne is still valid. We opted for the volume and length with this color.

Another hairstyle trend autumn-winter:

the wet look. Last year, this hairstyle was already beginning to point the tip of her nose, but this year, no doubt the wet hair trend will prevail from autumn 2021.

So girls, which of these hairstyles autumn-winter collection trends will turn you on? Rather short as Beyoncé tops or dresses like the last parades Dolce & Gabanna?

Coloring hair! this autumn-winter We love the red 2021 2022
Coloring hair! this autumn-winter We love the red
Coloring hair! Low bun hairstyle autumn-winter 20212022 trend
Coloring hair! Low bun hairstyle autumn-winter trend
5 Hairstyles Trends For Fall-Winter 2021 2022

Photos Source by Dolce & Gabbana

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