The undercut has been very trendy for a few years now 2023. We show the most beautiful hairstyles of the stars with the trend cut.

What Is An Undercut?

With this hairstyle, the hair on the lower half of the head is shaved or severely shortened, but the upper hair ( i.e. the top hair ) remains long.

What Is A Sidecut?

The sidecut is called “side cut” in German and is a variation of the undercut, but is only cut on one side, unlike the undercut. The sidecut is often worn with long hair, while the undercut is often combined with a short haircut.

Casual to elegant: how to style the undercut hairstyle

Short sides, long coat hair – an undercut not only rocks, but it’s also super easy to style.

Three undercut ideas for women who have dared to cut.

Miley Cyrus Undercut Hair Ideas For Women

Hairdressers love this look, The undercut has long since left other styles like the long bob. If you want to look cool in 2023, wear at least one side of your head shaved.

In a 100-percent undercut come on both sides of the head.

the top hair remains like Cyrus’ but a bit longer (see picture). That’s why this hairstyle is so transformable and good to style, like no other star.

Here we explain step by step how you can give your undercut new momentum.

01: Cool Great

Sometimes you just want to have your hair out of your face. Top your Undercut in such moments but casual is great! An elegant but gorgeous stiff hairstyle ideal for a party night.

In order to keep the look:

first, apply hairspray to the hair roots – divide the topcoat into small batches as much as possible.

Miley Cyrus undercut Pixie Cropped hair

You give your hair on the top head strand-by-strand volume. Now you make the hair with a soft brush.

Swipe over and over again from the front to the back of the head until a great has emerged. The sheer height of the hairstyle puts your Undercut perfectly in the scene.

02: Well hidden

Undercuts can also be tricky, for example, when a job interview or wedding ceremony is due. Then it is often better to hide the shaved pages. First, smooth your topcoat lot by lot with a straightening iron and then tighten a firm center parting.

Now, gather the smoothed hair on the back of your head. Depending on the hair length, hair clips or a small braid are sufficient. So you can hide your Undercut without great effort sometimes completely.

03: Palm

This hairstyle is just the thing if you feel like a drama. For the eye-catcher palms, you first distribute some styling foam in your hair, which gives them structure and grip. Bring the topcoat together in a ponytail.

the top of the head – preferably with a hair tie in a striking color like pink or turquoise.

Now Seasalt Spray is used. Spray it generously on the ponytail. This ensures more volume and subtle waves. If you want, pull the strands of hair apart a bit: This creates the impression of a palm tree.

The special thing about this look is: It shows how feminine and playful an undercut can look with the right styling.

They say it is ultra-feminine hairstyle trends undercut, but the undercut is a cut that is depopulating even among women…

Do you find undercut in women nice?

Undercut I find women ugly and simply unfeminine. I mean, a woman should also wear a female hairstyle, whether short or long hair. The undercut is a pure male or freak thing for me.

More and more women have their hair on the lower back of the head and lower side wet grass. But this undercut does not suit everyone and does not suit every lady.

So, we’ll explain what’s behind this pretty haircut.

how you can specifically look for it in online dating or instead find women with a classic hairstyle.

The Idea Behind The Undercut

Already in the 1920s, the undercut came on in men. This was because this hairstyle was easy to maintain and also ensured pleasant ventilation of the scalp.

When, in the years following, the undercut became increasingly political radicalization, the haircut was out of fashion for many years.

Undercut Hair

Only in the turbulent 1980s, the undercut then reappeared. Instead of right-wing ideas, he now stood for the leftist ideology, which turned against the mainstream.

Increasingly, women also liked the shortcut. Especially in the punk scene, the undercut, often in combination with piercings, became a symbol of feminine strength and self-confidence.

There are a variety of combinations and while sometimes the main hair.

Undercut, there are also women who convince with a cheeky sidecut in combination with long hair.

The betrays the undercut on the back of the head over the woman

Even in times of equal rights, long hair is still a status symbol for female beauty. They also stand for fertility and health. Many men, therefore, find long hair particularly attractive.

Hairstyles in Undercut with Punk Haircuts with Glasses

This means that a woman with an undercut at the back of her head.

we definitely brave and do not shy away from “what others think”. She certainly only does what she wants and what she likes.

This Is Behind The Female Undercut At The Back Of The Head

At first, the undercut does not say anything about the political or ideological orientation of a woman. Only in combination with other physical and, of course, character traits you will learn more about these aspects.

You are standing in front of a courageous, unique woman who is very interesting and at the same time interested in fashion.

Undercut Stylish Short Haircuts with Hair Color and Cool Female Makeup

So You Look For Women With Undercut

Who finds an undercut: therefore take a look at the dating portal. see if they can find singles with this haircut.

This haircut as described already reveals all about the style and character of the woman.

as a man, you do not even have the feeling that you are superficial.

For example, you could say in your profile that you like women with this haircut very much, but that it’s not a must to have an undercut or sidecut, of course.

By the way, even in dating more than 70, you’ll find women of your age who have dared to rock a modern, confident look.

On good dating portals, you can publish a detailed description of your preferences and wishes to a potential partner. Your taste for undercuts makes you interesting for women who have different hairstyles.

Because this way you show that you not only reduce women to conventional images but that you also like strong and extraordinary women.

That’s how you manage to stick to the more traditional hairstyling of dating

The best dating sites always offer the opportunity to view different profile pictures of a single. So you can already make an idea of the hairstyle of the woman who interests you.

Fantastic Undercut Hairstyles with Longer Bangs

Of course, you can also indicate in your profile, which hairstyles you are particularly in women. If the undercut really does not attract you, you should make sure that none exists before you start flirting.

However, as soon as the spark has jumped over, it usually does not matter what hairstyles you both have. In addition, hair grows quickly after.

A radical cut in curls and lengths to Rapunzel (to let herself be groped also the beautiful Laetitia Casta) and … go, you’re done. Among the last in order of appearances to have monopolized the flash was Scarlett Johansson, Oscar night 2023, officially for the first time its new look. But the list is very long and I also belong to Miley Cyrus and the chameleon Rihanna, universally known for its hairstyle trends undercut.

IT Used To Be Men…

One-time undercut the boys or the girls wore a little more rebellious, at least in terms of look. A few seasons ago, very boldly, went to fashion the sidecut, ultrashort one side and down the other.

Today, before making off more than you can chew, some stars preferred groped your luck with a “fake” undercut is the case of Kristen Stewart who has nonetheless made a drastic cut and, thanks to a short asymmetric line side and much gel to glue the hair on the head, still managed to get a result “rock”.

Experts say: “Let’s talk about shaving, more or less radical, carried out at the sides of the head and neck, but can remain covered by the rest of the hair”.

The result, then it can be versatile because shaving stands out when the foliage is harvested. Beware … The undercut is a brave choice, especially if the departure is long hair.

However, being rather easy to “manage” is a cut that can be comfortable. But be careful: your face will come out of the closet and become the protagonist … attracting the looks on the details (nose, ears, and neck) think that if they are not close to perfection …, and transforms this cut in one tripped. Rather, in this case, opt for a more reassuring bob or long bob.

To keep the undercut, especially if your hair grows faster, you must take action no later than three weeks, holding off any tufts rebels as soon as you stretch, with styling products such as paints and waxes.

Rihanna undercut 

Scarlett Johansson

Kristen Stewart undercut
Undercut Hairstyle Female
Hairstyles Trends Undercut in Punk Faux Undercut
Undercut Hair Girl
Stylish Pixie Undercut with Gray Hair Color

Hidden Undercut Long Hair

Undercut Hair Women

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