This Year Choose Halloween Costumes Freight! Halloween Party


Definitely wait until Halloween party! Halloween Costumes contest that will take place will motivate you to look into the controversial exceptional night of the year.

Let your imagination to contribute to choosing an outfit in which you feel well, you could easily imagine yourself with character. Check it out in time for Halloween costumes and loads it finally chooses the one you think will make sense. If you like to always be in the spotlight, this Halloween wearing something original and inspired.

How To Choose Halloween Costumes For Halloween Party

Halloween Costumes

People were accustomed to those clichés costumes witches, vampires, pumpkins, and ghosts. If you want to be wow, put your mark even on those who initially may seem trivial occurrences. Be inventive and add a few items or a makeup effect surprising.

Think of some Halloween costumes you can easily freight stand out. You can be your favorite movie or why you can not be part of a horror story that has never seen.

Do not put limits to the outfit that you will take on Halloween night.

You can be crazy, funny to scare and frighten you, to let their imagination and create from it a memorable experience! And the whole story, of course, a great contribution has some Halloween costumes commodity that you feel real “hero” series.

You can win the costume contest very simple if you know how to imagine yourself into the character and manage to capture the attention of all.

Halloween Costumes Freight

You can do very well in a funny suit, which arouses laughter and surprise. Not necessarily wear something out of the tunnel of terror. Be who you think fits your style. If in everyday life are a true comedy, improvise and see what Halloween party for you maintain the same standard.

Take your friends with you to celebrate together and dressed up in Halloween costumes cargo contributing to an unforgettable experience. At the end of October, you can with your loved ones to travel in a story of his Dracula. It combines horror with amusement and you will have memories that you’ll tell blown all.

Also, you can dress up with your family in Halloween costumes perfect for couples and children cargo for a night just like to be Adams family and write your own movie. The little ones will be thrilled to see that you spend with them one of the most anticipated events of the fall.

Family Halloween Costumes

There’s not much time and we Halloween knocks. Not to get caught unprepared, it also consults with you some Halloween costumes commodity that you might wear to the party. Advises loved you “assorted” characters to be part of that framework. So you will enjoy brilliant photos and you amused looking at how funny and scary at the same time show together.

9 Adorable Halloween Costumes To Make Your Own

f you do not feel like pouring gallons of artificial blood over your head, you’ll find nice alternatives here. And because they do not have to be expensive, we show you the most beautiful Halloween costumes to make yourself.

We are still looking for a cool costume for the Halloween party? Whether alone or with a partner – make our own costume ideas for yourself is definitely something for you.

Make simple Halloween costumes yourself:

Halloween Costume: Colorful Fruit Loops Bowl

Granted, this costume does not turn out by itself. But: It looks a lot more elaborate than it is. And is the craft really worth it?

The floor is made of paper-mâché: just paint newspaper strips with a water/flour mixture on a large balloon, let it dry and then burst balloon. A hole is now made in the huge papier mache mug so that your legs go through. Then a cardboard plate is attached at the top, through which you also have to pass. And that’s where the Fruit Loops come from.

What are they made of? Do you remember the swimming noodles you used to play with as a kid when splashing around? These long plastic noodles are cut into fruit loops-like slices and glued to the top of the box. Then adjust suspenders or other straps to your size and attach them to the Fruit Loop Bowl. Et voila, your colorful Fruit Loops Bowl is ready!

Halloween Costume: Pretty Forest Owl

This Halloween DIY is perfect for sewing enthusiasts who already have colorful scraps at home.

The clothes are cut around, nicely stacked on top of each other and sewn with a pair of rubber loops – and this colorful costume on Halloween gives wings.

Halloween Costume: The girl from the comic

Much more than a decent set of makeup is not needed for this Halloween costume. And some skill. Because with the typical pop art pattern and black contours on the face, you seem like directly out of your favorite comic.

Tip: Print the face of your favorite heroine to help. So you have the opportunity to take the original for inspiration during the make-up again and again.

Halloween costume: sweet strawberry

It is not much heartier! With this pretty strawberry costume, you are the eye-catcher at every Halloween party. Simply decorate a bright red dress with white felt drops (these are the strawberry grains) and attach a few green sheets of felt or paper to a hairband. Perfect!

Halloween Costume: Sparkling Disco Ball

Admiring glances are guaranteed with this glittering Halloween costume. All you need is a lot of patience at the Pappmachee and make a glittering tape from the craft store – and much of it!

You make the paper-mâché by brushing a big balloon over and over with newspaper strips. Use one of a water/flour mixture as a glue. When the paper is completely dry, you can burst the balloon. Now you have a big ball of papier mache.

Now a hole comes down as wide as your hips and the ball is covered with glittering paper. To strap on, you just do two shoulder straps (eg suspenders) on it – and off you go on the dance floor!

Halloween costume: shaggy werewolf

The werewolf is a real Halloween classic. But it does not always have to be the furry rubber mask that stinks of plastic and lets the beads of sweat trickle like that.

Far less scary, but even more comfortable to wear, is the homemade Halloween costume. Fake furs from the handicraft shop, black and white felt, black (as thin as possible) gloves and a simple carnival mask are needed.

The mask and the gloves are covered with fur, the black felt creates the werewolf nose and the white felt the claws. Finished! Did not anyone ever say that werewolves should not look a little sweet …

Halloween costumes for couples:

Last-minute costume for movie lovers: Pulp Fiction

You and your friend are spontaneously invited to a Halloween party and urgently need a costume? Then this pair of costume from the movie “Pulp Fiction” is perfect. For this costume, you need neither scissors nor needle. Because of all you need to have you probably already in the closet anyway.

A white blouse and black skinny jeans with a pair of high heels – the look is done. The same goes for your partner: a white shirt and jeans. The chain can be tied together from a black band.

If you have some spare time left, get a black wig. Otherwise simply straighten the hair with a straightener or put it back with clasps.

Halloween costume for Netflix series junkies: Stranger Things

Do you also belong to the Stranger Things fans who devour one episode after the other? Then this pair of the costume is perfect for you!

You need a pink dress and some white sports socks, sneakers and a bomber jacket. If you do not have blond hair by nature, you would also need a wig.

Your friend only needs to wear a flowered shirt for the partner costume. Surely you will find a colored string of lights in the Christmas box. These once wrapped, pay written on the shirt – finished the pair costume.

Halloween costume for sweet cuties: Milk & Cookies

This costume is especially cute: you need a large carton or reins box for this. This becomes milk packaging by gluing the top ends of the box together to form a roof. Now you cut a hole for the head and painted the box in white.

Paint a large piece of paper for the straw and stick it together to form a roll and glue it on. With white face paint still quickly painted a dairy schnauz, voila!

For the cookie, you need an old dress or a slightly longer beige T-shirt. On top of this, she draws the Schoggistückli on it with a brown fabric pencil.

Tip: If you do not want to ruin your garment for the costume, you can alternatively cut pieces out of brown paper or fabric remnants and attach them with safety pins on the dress.

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