The classic hand painted Easter eggs in a single color can seem trivial and devoid of any imagination. Learn how to turn an egg into a true work of art: drawing ornaments expressing spring (flowers, leaves, and trees), pets (rabbits) and various cartoon characters or abstract patterns.

Hand Painted Easter Eggs For Christmas

Hand Painted Easter Eggs For Christmas

Feast is very close, and in the week should you get to paint eggs. Give this time to classical painting in one color and put your imagination to the contribution or inspire yourself from our suggestion.

How about if you painted those Easter eggs with which to impress your whole family? In this activity, you can call for help and children. You need a few brushes and a box of watercolors or tempera. You can choose several designs in decorating eggs: stripes, polka dots, bunnies, flowers, leaves, a box, the sun or various cartoon characters, depending on everyone’s talent.

Hand Painted Easter Eggs With Dots

Dots are in trend this year. And not only wears the clothes but the models painted eggs. Some Easter eggs imbulinate would look mighty nice on the table, do not you think? All you have to do is paint them in a single color, as before, and when cool to decorate them with some dots. Take a brush, soak it in watercolors or tempera and draw some concentric circles all over the egg.

Hand Painted Easter Eggs With Dots

You can draw only white dots, like in the picture, or play a bit with these colors. For example, if you have an egg blue, draw some red dots. Or creating green dots on a yellow background. You can even draw a single egg multicolored dots. It remains your choice as chicken dots.

Flowers Hand Painted Easter Eggs

Easter is celebrated in spring when nature comes alive and brings with it numerous flowers. Try to make a cardboard Easter eggs with various flowers. Do not forget to paint the eggs in advance in multiple colors. Then you can either paint the eggs just petals or whole flowers with stems and leaves.

Flowers Hand Painted Easter Eggs

Hand Painted Easter Eggs With Message

Then your festive table should not miss some Easter eggs with cute messages, especially if you have a calligraphic writing. Take a very thin brush and a little color (or with a permanent black marker) write your messages of encouragement. You can choose different mottos that inspire your guests, or brief responses from famous words that express various feelings and emotions.

Hand Painted Easter Eggs With Message

Hand Painted Easter Eggs With Fun

Want to have a joyful Easter mass? Put the bone in hand on the eggs and paint job some funny faces. You can use watercolors, markers or colored pencils to decorate eggs special. Let your imagination run wild and create sympathetic faces.

Do you like retro style? Then try to paint a mustache on a few Easter eggs. It is very simple and quick. Choose to draw various types of mustaches both white eggs cooked, and those previously painted. The result will be a pretty fun and will bring a few smiles to their loved ones.

Hand Painted Easter Eggs Drawn With Black And White

Want to get some Easter eggs finest with a monochromatic look? You just need some boil white eggs and a black permanent marker. Print your mind the image below and create patterns of lines and points so every single egg to emerge.

Painted Eggs Multicolor

If you do not know how to draw the animal or other decorative elements can certainly draw some lines colored eggs. Even so your table will look cheerful and special Easter! Not just arm yourself with a brush, a box of watercolors and several jars of tempera and you start to paint.

Animal use Drawn On Eggs

Certainly the children in your family will love you transform classic Easter eggs in some cute pets. If you do not know how to draw well, try making a simple pet like a fish. Should you out!

We hope that our ideas have inspired you and you transform classic Easter eggs in small works of art! Choose your favorite models and put them into practice Week.

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