High Shoes

How To Wear High Shoes

Beautiful high shoes which the body’s contours and make us feel more feminine. But at the end of the day that bad! Let’s see how to fix it, the tall shoes are often the best friends we women make us look more slender, show our feminine side and also under simple skinny jeans make their figure, making a casual outfit more chic and sophisticated. But be careful, because in the face of so many positives there are others decidedly negative, as the dreaded sore feet, a result of a whole evening on her heels. So let’s see what to do to not give up the high shoe hurt everywhere without the side effects.

How To Apply High Shoes

First of all we try to always have in mind that exaggeration does not always pay. Indeed, if too often got on footwear from the heights of those exasperated to pay the higher cost in terms of health we will be just us. So let us restrict the use of high shoes with high heels for occasions that require it (and never in pregnancy) and mainly choose models with plantar soft to cushion every step and suffer less.

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Let us also remember that the high shoes do not necessarily translate into high heel 12. Too, wedge heels, which give us a few inches in height with a little ‘ more than comfort, may be a viable option to show off for a walk to the beach or for a morning of shopping. In this case, the soles eye: yes cork and rubber, not hard plastic and wood of all about comfort walking in high shoes.

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Attention to the thickness and position of the heel, two variables that can really make a difference in terms of comfort. The chunky heel gives more stability, as well as the heel which is positioned in the direction of the center of the heel. Beware of the heels on the contrary too moved outward, because not support the body weight in the correct way and make us assume positions of the back wrong.

Then let’s not forget also that there are little tricks to reduce any discomfort linked up to it, such as wearing latex insoles to be included in the half-closed high shoes or insoles to be adhered to the transparent rubber footbed sandals . In addition, after a day in heels, it is always good to do a foot bath with salt and vinegar to restore the circulation to the extremities and some to massage aching to pamper them and sleep more serene us.

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