How to Wear High Waisted Pants Of All Ages Women in 2018


The return of high-waisted pants for 2018, to those who are doing well and how to wear them after the high-waisted skirts back for her pants, from classic and elegant to those jeans. Here are some tips to avoid mistakes combinations.

After years of living models more or less low or well below the navel, the pants are back high waist protagonists of the outfits for women of all ages.

High waisted pants

The High-Waisted Pants Are Back

But who are the good high waisted pants and trousers and how to match?

The term is very general, there are the models fit very different and to look for any occasion, as with most clothing, therefore you need to choose the one most suited to your physician that highlights the strengths and maybe even some hidden difettuccio we do not like.

First of all, it is a model that tissue apart, does not have the season and will not only fashion in this high waisted pants autumn winter 2018 but also in the next spring and summer 2018.

As regards the more classic models, cotton, linen or wool blend, are suitable s different types of physical; girls with a more shapely physique in the lower part of the body should focus on models with wide leg, which rush and slim, and with a medium, build models are also fine slim fit.

The combinations are those that provide the chicest shirts or blouses reading courses in the pants, but also jackets, provided they are not too large.

But the high-waisted pants and jeans can also be the same rule applies here also reported previously; the high-waisted denim very streamline and avoid, especially if you have a little ‘pancetta of the so-called love handles, that effect – which in my experience is also annoying, the pancetta coming out of the pants and that makes it seem in meat even those who can not.

This year there little to offer them all; a low-cost advice?

Private Stradivarius and Kiabi, you will find several interesting features.

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