Classics Holiday Hairstyles For Christmas Eve By Professional Hairdresser

The holiday hairstyles for Christmas Eve: They are an opportunity to change the head For Christmas Eve or New Year’s Day. Give up your evening look. Advice Fabien Provost professional hairdresser.

This is the easiest and fastest holiday hairstyles ever

This hairstyle is wonderfully festive and succeeds in only 3 steps

holiday hairstyles for Christmas Eve 2021 2022

Especially on the Christmas holidays, apart from the preparations and the precious time with the family, there is little time for festive styling. If you still want to get dressed, you limit yourself to quick and practical ideas.

This hairstyle comes as called because it looks great and can be conjured in almost every hair length in a few minutes: the half-up braid with the bow.


The 3 steps of holiday hairstyles

Step 1:

If you have natural waves, it is enough to spray a light shine spray into your hair. This makes them soft and makes them look healthy. Women with straight hair – if they have a few extra minutes – can quickly turn a few gentle waves into their hair with a straightener or curling iron.

They do not have to be perfect, after all, you hardly have time. It’s enough if your hair gets a little exercise. Fix everything with a volumizing hairspray.

Step 2:

Half your top hair, the upper strands of your hair, and tie them at the back of the head with a thin braid to a braid. You can put a few strands or your pony, if you have one, loose in the face.

Step 3:

In the end, put a velvet or silk ribbon around the braid and tie a bow that hides the braid. Et voilà, the easiest and fastest hairstyles of all is ready.

What are the Classics Holiday Hairstyles For Christmas Eve?

To change from the ordinary we play a little with her hair or it makes a nice brushing.

Otherwise, there is always the knot remains a classic. According to you, why have women wanted to change their heads for the holidays?

This is an opportunity to put a touch of madness in her usual look.

In the course of an evening, you can change your head without something radical.
Those who have straight hair can curl them those who used to wear their hair long fully released can opt for a bun or semi-attached.

Those with short hair can be put extensions or make wicks colors.
The advantage of these opportunities is that they are temporary.

What types of products do you recommend to highlight hair?

To attach a hairstyle without adding grease or hair I recommend using a styling wax as wax Finish Fabio Salsa.
And if you want a touch of fantasy I recommend a touch of glitter gloss to hair.

How to prepare hair salon festivals?

Unless you opt for brushing to wash your hair the day before the evening.
If you have dry hair do not hesitate to make a specific treatment before shampooing.
Then after your hair is washed and spun making a nourishing mask.
Your hair is ready to be worked.

What should I do after the party?

If you wear a bun it is best to defeat before going to bed to rest your hair and your scalp.

Otherwise, the next day again made shampoo and ideally care haircut.

Do you want to celebrate the festive season while beautiful?

Follow the advice of Céline Grimm, a makeup consultant at Sephora.

How to prepare your skin for a night of celebration?

The day before clean your face with a scrub and a moisturizing mask to plump the skin and mucous membranes of the lips.

On the day clean the makeup of the day as soon as possible before you allow the skin to breathe.

Then use a nongreasy serum lift to lend fishing your skin followed by a patch Revive Beauty for the eyes.

What are the products always have in her bag?

Do not separate yourself from your lip and a compact powder pink or pearly complexion.
Keep also matting and paper handkerchiefs to ward off heatstroke.

What is the Ideal evening makeup?

You can redo your makeup from day to some changes as a daring red lip, glamor, or must accentuate the “party” putting discreet touches of glitter on the corner of the eyelids.

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