Hollywood Celebrity Lips and Lipstick Colors Beauty Look


The Hollywood Celebrity Lips has never attracted the attention of the whole world stopped. Just look at the celebrity women with the hot lips. They are not only beautiful but also excel.

1. Angelina Jolie.

Hollywood Celebrity Lips & Lips Ideas 4

Brad Pitt’s wife is very pretty and charming. Not only well known, well-known philanthropist Angelina Jolie to donate her fortune to various parts of the underdeveloped world and also raised the orphaned children from various countries. Jolie’s hot lips possessed is an advantage of him. Jolie really looks very beautiful, let alone lipstick colors used are soft Jolie.

2. Bridget Bardot

Hollywood Celebrity Lips & Lips Ideas 3

Maybe you’ve never seen the movies, Briget Bardot, because she is famous in the era of the 1950s and 1970s, however, until now her name is still very well known. The blond woman is known for hot and her artistry. Not only a beautiful face, lips too hot has become a legend to this day. Women were initially very popular in Europe is indeed simply can not be beaten for the problem.

3. Megan Fox

Hollywood Celebrity Lips & Lips Ideas 2

A young mother is famous for her role in the movie Transformers. She is famous not only because the film became a hit in 2007, but her name is getting bounced when she boldly clashed with the director although it led to the dismissal of her role in the next Transformers. Not only her beauty Megan also has a hot lip. Megan’s lip owned hot into question whether it is genuine or surgery.

4. Scarlett Johansson

Hollywood Celebrity Lips & Lips Ideas 1

Scarlett Johansson is getting famous for her roles in various films like the Avengers is known for her beauty lips.

5. Marilyn Monroe

Hollywood Celebrity Lips & Lips Ideas

Wavy blond hair became a trend even today. Unfortunately, the artist’s life ended tragically. However, a variety of films and still photographs displayed in many different countries. Highly recommended for those who have lip hot it’s best to choose a color hard but not soft colors with the addition of liquid on your lipstick.

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