Homemade Wedding Souvenir


Marriage is one of the most important moments in human life because marriage is a gateway to a new stage of life and better as human beings.

Homemade Wedding Souvenir

Because marriage is a precious moment for the bride and groom and their families marriage would need to be planned carefully.

Planning the wedding it will take a long time because there are a variety of details that must be considered to make a festive wedding or at least deeply meaningful for the bride and family.

The presence of the invited guests anticipated for invited guests will give the blessing and prayers for the wedding can go smoothly and lasting, Therefore, as a form of respect and gratitude for the presence and blessing the bride generally will not forget to give some form of wedding souvenirs for guests.

A wide range of beautiful and practical souvenir invitations available on the wedding souvenir sales center. Bride only needs to choose and buy souvenirs as you wish and funds. However, rather than buying there is no harm in making souvenirs for the wedding itself.

Making home made wedding souvenirs will involve a creative process that can be done both with fiance in the preparation process. In addition, homemade wedding souvenirs also will be more meaningful and personal gift for guests. Of course homemade souvenir souvenirs could cut funding to the idea of a simple and cheap.

There are various things that can be selected as souvenirs but considerable time and funds need to be thought through. Here are some homemade wedding gift ideas that are quite popular are easy to make and of course special.

• Candles with decorative shapes and sweet scents may be a special idea for a wedding gift and can actually be made by the bride. Simply mix the ingredients candles, fragrance preferred and maybe dye and print with simple shapes.

• Simple containers such as jars can easily be decorated with various things such as hand painting or application of lace. Such souvenirs would be more beneficial to the guests because it can be used to store various objects and can also be used as decoration in the house.

• A simple flower bouquet can also be selected as a simple souvenir made by the bride. In addition to practical the bride can also combine the color or colors are specified for different guests.

• More personalized CD containing photographs of the bride and groom or even short video clips can be one of the memorabilia that will not timeless. Bride just needs to use her creativity to collect photographs and maybe edit them or create a simple video clip tells the story of the romance with spices and maybe a little romantic comedy that can be enjoyed by guests.

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