With the multitude of brushes that are within our reach for makeup, you have to pick the brush depending on its use. Discover together how best to use our brushes for a makeover.

Bevel Brush

How do you recognize this brush? As its name suggests, this brush is distinguished by its bevel. Made of natural and generally rigid hairs, this brush is suitable for eyebrows for the application of eyeliner and creating a gradient effect with the shadows.

Rectangular Brush

With this fine brush synthetic hair, you can easily work on the lashes to emphasize the intensity of the gaze and lip makeup. The advantage of this brush is that it allows you to be as specific as possible on the lines and contours.

Blush Brush

This is one of the essential brushes in a makeup kit with its round shape and wide with the blush brush to work the face at will and easily apply the right amount of blush on the cheeks. This brush helps the brightness of the entire face.

Foam Brush

For the purposes of eye shadows, the foam brush is highly recommended. It’s a pretty thick brush can easily scan the entire eyelid area. It is used prior to the application of a base shade.

Powder Brush

How best to apply the powder on your face? The powder brush is here to make our job easier with its tapered tuft and its round shape; it can apply the powder in the best conditions following the contours of the face.

Liner Brush

Fine brush and flat liner brush allows a net made following the application of eyeliner. With rigid plastic bristles, this brush can be recognized by its thin, flat appearance. It does not constitute a basic element in the bunch of makeup but can be very useful.


This tool although it is not really a brush is necessary to brush the eyebrows and remove the residue of foundation on them with the brush; it is easy to apply mascara as the lashes are separated.

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