How Do Foreign Students Study In Turkey?


Turkey’s education system is a developing system, which adheres to modern teaching techniques and interacts with the education systems of many other countries. Student exchange programs can be shown as an example. There is a good deal of exchange program, which is being run in many countries of the world. In addition, a large number of students from Iran, Turkmenistan, and many Arab and European countries come to Turkey to continue or complete their education.

Turkish Education System

Education in Turkey begins in kindergarten. A child who has graduated from kindergarten and is 6 years old should start a 4 + 4 + 4 education system. The compulsory education system in Turkey is 12 years. 4 years in elementary school, 4 years in middle school, and 4 years in high school. The child who has completed his kindergarten education begins his primary school education.

Kindergarten Education In Turkey

The child must be at least 36 months old to be admitted to kindergarten, and children can continue their education until the age of 65 months. When the child starts, it depends on the parents. Education and exercises are being conducted here, including the development of excellent and general motor skills, cognitive skills, and social skills. While assisting in the development of these skills, elementary school preparation and education are also performed.

Elementary School Education In Turkey

Children over the age of 66 who complete kindergarten education are required to begin their primary school education. In elementary school children acquire basic reading and writing skills. After acquiring these skills, children are given lessons on various subjects. In the first stage, these lessons begin with logic, math, and social studies. When a student passes their classes, new classes are assigned to subjects such as Foreign Languages, Social Sciences, and Science. Children’s school registration is done at the nearest school to the residential address.

Middle School Education In Turkey

Students who complete 4 years of elementary school education. They must start and continue 4 years of middle school education. The same lessons for beginners are given to children in more detail. Children are given some department steering under the guidance of teachers. Children are then registered at nearby schools, students who complete eighth grade take the high school entrance exam and are placed in high school according to their class and achievements.

High School Education In Turkey

Students who complete 4 years of middle school education. They should start their 4 years of high school education, in which the student has been tested in the high school, there the lessons are given according to the selected study area. High schools also vary in each according to the areas of study. There are specialized high schools, such as vocational schools and religious vocational high schools. Students who want to continue their education and enroll in a college also start preparing for university exams.

College Education In Turkey

Students who want to continue their education can start their college life after 12 years of compulsory education. The college program is divided into two parts; Associate Degree and Bachelor Degree While Associate Degree takes 2 years, Bachelor Degree takes 4 years. Students who complete college education can continue their education through a postgraduate or doctoral degree. Education in Turkish public universities is free.

Studying As A Foreign Student In Turkey

If you want to come to Turkey from abroad to study or want your child to study in Turkey, there are certain conditions that must be met. These terms and necessary information have been announced through a notice published by the Ministry of National Education. According to the notice, if foreign students have a diploma or certificate of education, which proves their credentials, they can be admitted to colleges according to these documents. If they do not have the documents to prove their credentials, foreign students are interviewed. This interview can be presented orally or written according to the situation. After the interviews, the student whose approval is clear can be admitted to the relevant colleges.

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