How Do the House Cleaning With Vinegar

How Do the House Cleaning With Vinegar
How Do the House Cleaning With Vinegar

White vinegar is a ‘good solution for the cleaning of the house, economical and environmentally friendly.

White vinegar is always present in your home so necessary when you find yourself lacking the classical detergents can be very useful for cleaning. Better than detergents as a degreaser and disinfectant. The other day I needed urgently to clean the gas machine but I did not have the cleaning fluid. Not to panic for the imminent arrival of the guests I thought to grandma’s remedies and I was reminded of the vinegar. Making local mind I remembered all uses which made my granny. He is coming off a mini list that can come in handy.

How Do the House Cleaning With Vinegar


The refrigerator emits a bad odor? Just use a sponge soaked in water and vinegar to eliminate odors refrigerator and oven. To clean the dishwasher instead adds a liter of vinegar and accendte the washing machine doing a vacuum at 90 degrees. Same procedure to remove lime scale from the washing machine: simply wash vacuum at 90°C with a solution consisting of four liters of water and two cups of vinegar.


To remove rust from knives, just make a solution of warm water and vinegar and soak the pieces for a few hours.


Useful as springing for discharges sinks when used mixed with baking soda: Mix one cup of baking soda to a cup of vinegar, let sit for a few minutes and then pour boiling water.


For really dirty and greasy surfaces, add two parts baking soda to one part of liquid detergent, add a teaspoon of white vinegar. If you want to wash the floors (not marble) bathroom tiles and make them shiny try to mix a few drops in the bucket of dish soap and a cup of vinegar.


To remove scale from the iron fill the iron with water and vinegar in equal parts, then warm it up, go out and do a little ‘ steam. Then unplug it and leave it in an upright position until it is completely cold. Then drain it and rinse with water. If you need to clean your plate, just wipe with warm vinegar and salt. Also perfect for adding into the tank washing machine (vacuum to 90 degrees) two glasses of vinegar. For faucets and health is perfect: if the limestone blocks or filters shower head taps just unscrew the pieces and put them in a container covering them in vinegar for a few hours.


Vinegar is useful for removing stains from clothes and as a softener for laundry washing machine. You have to dilute one part vinegar to three parts water.

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