This Is How Leggings Cut A Fine Figure Styling Tips


Leggings can only wear models like Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner, many think. People beyond the size of 36 would rather be advised against the narrow particles? Nonsense! In fact, leggings can be styled to hide even a few cuddles. And: designers such as Victoria Beckham and Alexander Wang are just making sure that leggings of fashion sin again become an it-piece.

3 Styling Tricks: This Is How Leggings Cut A Fine Figure

Ok, so to all those who have not been blessed with Victoria’s Secret Model genes: do not be afraid of leggings! If you follow our 3 styling tips, you too will make a bomb figure in it.

1. Long Eye-Catching Tops To Leggings

Absolute no-go to leggings: too short tops. Fashion professionals style long, wide eye-catcher tops. Tunics or long shirts, for example, are perfect for spring leggings. Even the super trendy hoodies go. But: So that the look with a hoodie shirt is not too sporty, rather combine with tight jersey pants and heels instead of sports leggings and sneakers.

Especially women who have great legs, but want to hide a bit of bacon, should put on this styling combo.

Long Eye-Catching Tops To Leggings

Tip: Leather tops and lacquer leggings are more suitable for shorter tops because they look better than cotton leggings.

2. Leggings + Blazer

Fortunately, oversize blazers just an indispensable part of our wardrobes. Because they also look great in leggings and hide wide hips. The important thing is to choose a long blazer. If the look is too bulky, simply put the blazer on a waist belt.

Great In Leggings With Oversize Blazer

3. Slim-Glamor Styling: Leggings + Skirts

Victoria Beckham sent her models to the runway in New York Leggings Plus Midi Pencil Skirt. A great look for the fall! It may be a little easier in spring and summer. That is why we style light, transparent skirts and dresses over leggings. Perfect for women who are not blessed with super slim gazelle legs.

Slim Glamor Styling Leggings In Skirt

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