How To Apply Aloe Vera – For Skin Care, Hair Masks, Health, Benefits, and Indications


Beauty instruction: 12 ways to use aloe vera gel

This is a universal “rescuer” – from dryness, burns, small rashes, and other troubles.

Aloe contains many vitamins and minerals, has a moisturizing, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and astringent effect. Extract, juice and aloe gel can be found in many skincare products.

Today we will talk about the popular aloe vera gel, the boom of which coincided with the growing popularity of the Asian skincare system.

100% Aloe Vera Gel – such a product is in the line of, perhaps, every self-respecting Korean brand. Benton, Holika Holika, Tony Moly, The Saem – this is just a small list of brands in which you can find such a gel.

they receive a multifunctional product at the output.

You can meet other examples: gels with dyes, flavors and other ballast substances in the list of components.

Aloe Vera Gel For Dandruff And Hair Loss

The quality of the gel largely depends on where and in what conditions the plants were grown, how successful the crop year was, how the production process costly and increases the price of the final product. That is why some manufacturers use instead of gel or aloe juice, its cheap substitute is maltodextrin.

How to understand which product is real? The simplest: pay attention to its cost – aloe gel cannot cost a couple of dollars for half a liter. The average price of a net product per kilogram is about $ 250.

So how to use aloe gel? I found 12 different ways.

Burn Treatment

A dense layer of gel – it soothes and softens the skin. Such a “mask” relieves pain quickly, and the next day the injury will be noticeably less.

Skin Hydration

Aloe gel is perfect as a moisturizer for the skin of the body and face. After a shower, apply the product in a thin layer – it is absorbed instantly, without leaving a sticky feeling and making the skin very soft and velvety.

After Shave Cream

An unusual but effective solution: aloe gel is a good shaving thing. Apply during and after.

Moisturizing Masks

Apply aloe gel in a very dense layer on the face and leave for half an hour. Such a mask can be made at night, without washing off the product: the main thing is to take care of laying a pillowcase or towel, which is not a pity to stain.

Aloe Vera Its Benefits For Beauty Secrets

Moisturizing Hair Masks

Hair will become very soft and obedient. You can add a couple of drops of agrana, coconut or lemon oil to the mask, which will enhance the beneficial effect.

SOS remedy for light frostbite

Although it’s summer now, it’s also worth mentioning such properties of aloe gels. If the skin is cold or weathered, apply the gel as an SOS agent.

The medicine for small rashes

Base makeup

Your primer ends unexpectedly, you can even out the skin texture with aloe vera gel – cosmetics really work well on it.

Fixing gel for eyebrows and vellus hair

Aloe gel is suitable as a fixer for eyebrows or smoothing protruding young hairs on the head – it really works.

How Powerful is Aloe Vera Juice For Health And Can It Be Harmful?

Aloe or “agave” from childhood is familiar to many as a houseplant and as a means of a first-aid kit. Aloe juice is a natural storehouse of numerous substances that are beneficial for the human body.

People have long noticed the healing qualities of the plant and made friends with it. Over time, official medicine began to actively use drugs containing extracts from this representative of the succulent family.

What Does It Contain?

Aloe vera juice is a natural pharmacy. It contains about 30 trace elements (K, Ca, P, Fe, Na, Mg, Zn, etc.), vitamins, amino acids, tannins, monosaccharides and polysaccharides, volatile, catechins, glycosides, plant steroids, and other substances.

Most of them are biologically active substances (biologically active substances). The remaining vitamins are present in microdoses.

Aloe Vera


They treated skin defects, added to tea, prepared vitamin mixtures.

Pharmacology, having studied the composition of natural medicine, uses it as an ingredient in many medicines.

What Helps?

As mentioned above, the pulp of the agave is used as a medicine and as a cosmetic. Consider in detail what helps aloe juice.

What is the Cure?

This gift of nature can be called a panacea because the list of healing qualities is quite extensive.

The list of what treats aloe juice:

  • Regulates metabolism;
  • Saturates the body with vitamins and biologically active substances, strengthens the immune system;
  • Relieves constipation;
  • Helps with gastrointestinal diseases;

The substance is used as a preventive and restorative agent.

Application in cosmetology

In addition, aloe creams rejuvenate and bleach.

Very popular hair products. Shampoos and balms improve the quality of hair follicles, reduce the formation of dandruff, moisturize the scalp, give shine to the hair. Soap, shower gels, body lotions soothe sore skin, reduce its dryness. Hygienic lipstick eliminates cracking of the lips, softens them.

Self-obtained aloe juice has positive reviews about the use of skin and hair care. At home, you can freeze ice cubes with their additives and wipe their faces with them. It is good to rub the pulp of the leaves into the scalp: this will give the hair shine.

Aloe Vera Honey Facial Mask Itself Make Against Pimple Every Skin Type

Instructions for preparation, reception, and storage

How to cook at home?

You need to remember a few rules on how to make aloe juice at home.

The juice is extracted only from the lower leaves, which reached 15cm in length. Before squeezing the juice, the plant should not be watered for 8-14 days.

This advice is also suitable for those who are on a diet to lose weight.

Ways to squeeze

You can recommend several ways to squeeze aloe juice at home:

It stabilizes the composition and improves the taste. You can mix manually or with a blender.

How to use it?

There are many recipes for traditional medicine, how to take aloe juice. The easiest way is to stir a spoonful of juice in water and drink it.

The blank can be added to tea and seasoned with honey, you get a vitamin antimicrobial drink.

The following recipes:

  • Irrigate the oral cavity with juice or its solution for stomatitis, gingivitis, etc.;
  • Rinse the mouth with juice and massage the gums with the fingers moistened in it during periodontitis;

For colds, drink a mixture of juice and honey (a teaspoon).

In folk medicine, most recipes use chopped aloe leaves to make a mixture with Cahors, vodka, lemons, honey.

How to Store?

It is more correct to use aloe squeeze immediately after preparation. If you plan to make a harvest for the future, you should know how to properly store aloe juice. The term should not exceed a week.


The main contraindication for any products and preparations is individual intolerance. Aloe juice has specific contraindications, as It has high bioactivity and a pronounced laxative effect.

  • The tendency to bleeding, incl. too heavy menstruation;
  • Hemorrhoids;
  • Cystitis;
  • Acute phases of gastrointestinal diseases,
  • Exacerbation of diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • Sharp jumps in blood pressure.

The use of recipes with aloe juice must be agreed with the doctor.

Is harm from this plant possible?

A high level of biologically active substances in aloe juice determines its benefits and harms.

At high doses, juice can act as a toxin and cause intestinal irritation. accompanied by pain and uncontrollable diarrhea (sometimes with blood).

Aloin contained in it in large quantities becomes a carcinogen.


  1. Traditional healers speak positively about aloe vera juice, their reviews describe many diagnoses in which this substance is an aid in complex treatment.
  2. This is an affordable and inexpensive tool from a home medicine cabinet, it can be used in the form of tincture, crystals or home-made squeeze.
  3. Long courses of administration and increased doses should be agreed with the doctor.

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