How to Apply Base Coat and Top Coat Essential Manicure

How to apply base coat and top coat polish…When one is not bilingual varnish, these terms may be similar to the Chinese. Phew! Explanations, advice, Shelookbook gives you the keys to a perfect manicure and easy to do at home. Follow the leader!

How to Apply Base Coat and Top Coat

How to Apply Base Coat and Top Coat

What Is The Top Coat?

The top coat is a clear nail varnish which is applied after the varnish.
Whether for a French manicure or a traditional manicure, it optimizes the brightness of nail polish, but especially to protect it and thus have a polish that lasts longer.

You will understand, therefore: without top coat, nail polish takes much less time!

How To Apply The Top Coat?

Apply the top coat like any nail polish: the good brush is dipped bottom of the vial, it “drips” quick brush at the neck and applied on the nail.

The trick is finding the right mix!

If you do not have enough products, the entire nail will not be covered and you will create traces.

On the contrary, if you have too much product, you will do it overflow and create bubbles…

And a base coat or “lacquer base”?

Unlike the top coat, the varnish base is the first layer that you will apply on your nails before the varnish so.

This is a transparent base that will protect your nails.

Very useful especially when using colored nail polish: the use, may yellow red fingernail, for example.

How To Apply The Varnish Base?

Like any nail polish, and as the top coat!

What is the difference between a top coat and varnish base?

As its name suggests, a lacquer base goes first, before the finish.
The top coat as for him is the last layer, the one that will give gloss and which will optimize holding your nail polish.

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