How to Apply Black Eyeliner And Colored In A Perfect Way

How to Apply Black Eyeliner And Colored In A Perfect Way
How to Apply Black Eyeliner And Colored In A Perfect Way

The eyeliner is a cosmetic often demonized because of its difficulty of use for those who are beginners. In truth proves to be essential in the case of makeup intense and refined they become perfect with a clever pass that too colorful. Let’s see how it applies correctly.

Hard to admit but for us women one of the hard nuts of the cosmetic bag is certainly the eyeliner. This salon, which allows us to refine and sometimes sculpt the eye make-up it can become tricky for those who are beginners and or does not have the right manual with the thin brush of the product. The matter is further complicated if we want to experience in addition to the classic noir colors here because shelookbook runs to help with some simple tips to follow to apply the eyeliner black or colored in a perfect way.

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The first thing to say is that fortunately for all of the market there is no single type of eyeliner but it goes from a liquid version (the standard) to a gel until you get to the more comfortable option in pencil which allows us not to drool even though we are novices in the make-up. In addition there are also mineral pigments in powder form that can be transformed into liquid or gel eyeliner simply mixing them with jelly or cream products and applied with angled brush .

Second step, after the choice of consistency most suitable for our needs is to decide the effect we want to achieve with the product we’re going to roll out. Here it is urgent to make a distinction between the colors so you always know how best to use the product. In general, the darker colors are used to accentuate and dramatize the make-up and their “scope” is mainly the upper eyelid, especially the area close to the lashes. In contrast, light colors (especially white and ivory ) and the medium light shimmer and metal (silver and gold) are best suited to create points of light and are usually used in the inner corner of the eye.

It must be said that one of the latest trends in makeup and walkways are an example is to use the eyeliner eyeshadow instead. This substitution allows for clear lines and well-marked instead of the more classical gradient effect. We understand that in this way the trick becomes much more decided and equity and therefore much better suited to the catwalk or red carpet rather than a look every day.

However, with the upcoming Valentine’s Day and let’s face it even the Carnival, perhaps we will also enjoy experimenting with new shades and new aesthetics made through the use of this cosmetic. To avoid mistakes application we must remember that the black liquid and other dark colors should be applied as the penultimate step before the mascara eyelashes along the line. Warning never start drawing from the inner onwards but always better to start from the middle to the outer corner of the eyelid and then read more from the inner corner to the middle .

In this way you avoid stains dates from excess product in the area near the nasal bone but rather taking the line with a second pass you can not recover any inaccuracy in the central area first. Recall that the section should not end where the eye ends but must continue for about half a centimeter upwards. Then with a black pencil can also accentuate the effect by painting the lower rim and joining the pencil eyeliner in one. The end result will be a deep look almost feline .

For the selection of alternative colors to black we say that the rule is to choose complementary shades to the color of eyes and hair application then goes calmed depending on the desired effect. We can as already said the use eyliner as an eyeshadow and thus also overlay two colors on one another or we can simply use a strong color that contours the eye and do not add more frills.

The nice thing about eyeliner is that you will notice right away. If we wanted to make a comparison with the styles of video programs writing we could say that the eye shadow is an emphasis that is fading while the eyeliner is a nice bold determined and marked. This distinction is a little fantasy can help us understand how to structure the trick depending on how much we want it to be decided. And if you still have some doubts on how to juggle with the famous thin liquid eyeliner brush the video in the opening post will be able to help us not to mess things up .

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