How to Apply Blush on the Cheekbones without Smudges and Stains


How to apply blush without smudging here are some useful tips for you!

You are able to apply the blusher and smudge effect without getting hateful “carnival mask”? If you have not already quite familiar with this valuable ally of beauty, here are some tips for you!

First, you should know that the blush will be applied after foundation and after powder and will mainly applied in different ways, depending on whether your face tends to be round, oval and so on.

How to Apply Blush

For example, if you have a round face, you have to apply it by following an imaginary oblique line, the line of the cheekbones for the note. Do not apply color directly on the cheeks, if you do not want to make them appear plumper.

Who has an oval face, you can apply the blush normally, then fading from the center of the cheeks and reaching towards the temples. The girls tend to have a square face, they will instead try to soften the features and to do that, we must carry out small circles with the brush, starting from the center of the cheeks, blending and vertically along the jaw line. A long face will eventually shortened by applying the blush from the center of the cheeks towards the temples and also by applying a light touch on the chin.

Finally, we remind you that the blush will be visible but in a light and delicate. After collecting your powder with a brush, tap to drop the excess or gently blow gently over. If you have chosen instead a cream blush, roll it out thoroughly with your fingertips, so as not to create unsightly stains or smudges!

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