How To Apply Hair Gel Can Make Straight Hair Is Smooth


How to apply hair gel to real lady will tell you a few secrets.

With the help of hair gel can create a variety of hairstyles. Unlike varnish, hair gel can be placed even the smallest strand or even individual hairs. Knowing a few simple secrets to women, you can create hairstyles for each day of any type.

1. The gel can make straight hair is particularly smooth. Comb gently combs your freshly washed hair with shampoo. Pour a drop of gel on the palm-sized bean. Rub the gel between your palms, and then slide her hands through her hair, smearing them with gel. Once again comb the hair to evenly distribute the gel. Hand dryer dries your hair, combine them with. Do this gradually, one strand at a time. The hair will become smooth and shiny.

How To Apply Hair Gel

2. To subdue unruly short hair at the temples and forehead too can use hair gel. Having laid the hair into the desired hairstyle, drip gel on the tips of her fingers & lightly grease their hair on the forehead and temples. Hairbrush laid the hairs in the right direction.

3. Add shine and volume on the nature of curly hair. Take no more than a tablespoon of gel and spread it over the entire length of damp hair. Towel blots hair to remove excess moisture but do not rub them. Comb your hair with your fingers to coat them with gel throughout the hair. Wait until they are dry naturally or dry hair dryer does not combine them in doing so.

4. A good way to keep the curly hair. Comb your hair dry and place in the hairstyle that you want. Take a hair brush with natural bristles, the bristles and brush a thin layer of gel. This brush swipe through your hair to cover their gel & Curly hair will hold good form all day.

How To Apply Hair Gel

How To Apply Hair Gel?

5. With the help of hair gel, you can create romantic curls. Divide the hair clean (wet or dry) to locks with a comb. Each strand grease gel and once spends on her comb. Screw locks on large curlers. Wait until the hair is dry after that, remove the curlers. Or just lay the hair with your fingers or gently comb every strand comb to gently relax the curls. The smaller size of the curlers is the smaller will be the curls.

6. The gel may give ordinary negligence straightened hair. Use your fingers to evenly lubricate the hair gel. Comb divides the hair into locks. Each strand carefully combs to no more nodes and perform from the roots to the tips, straightening it. When you reach the tip rotate the wrist to 90 ° to strand a little curled. The same thing happened with every strand of.


If you need after applying the gel more time to comb your hair, choose a hair gel that does not contain alcohol, it provides great mobility hair. So you not only avoid damage to the hair or the hair but the final form will be more natural and her hair – soft to the touch.



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