How to Apply Lipstick in 3 Step Beauty Secrets To Beautify Your Smile

How to apply lipstick for younger women’s mouth beauty. How to apply lipstick professionally without lip liner. Finish by adding a touch of gloss in your lips to plump lips

A good makeup mouth is a weapon of mass seduction. This is indisputable to beautify your smile, shelookbook you its beauty secrets for a perfect mouth.

How to Apply Lipstick Professionally Before Moisturizing

How to Apply Lipstick Professionally Before Moisturizing

Step 1: Moisturize Lips

Essential step before coloring her lips hydration for lipstick yours, it is indeed essential to use a lip balm daily feeding. If your mouth is chapped, remember to exfoliate your lips with a scrub before moisturizing. This lip scrub specific you will get rid of dead skin small unsightly.

Step 2: Define The Lip Contour

Trace the outline of the lips with a pencil spinning anti-transparent with this tool you can prevent the lipstick from bleeding. Then with a second pencil the same color as your lipstick redraw the contours of your mouth. Always start by drawing the center and continue the route starting from the com-measures and then return to the inside. Finish chopping inside the mouth to maximize holding your lipstick.

Step 3: Filling

Apply lipstick from the middle to the edges of the mouth with a lip brush for ultra precise filling. Then put a handkerchief in the center of the lips and squeeze them to remove excess material. If necessary retouch the skin around the lips with a spell. Finish by adding a touch of gloss in your lips to plump lips, especially if they are fine.

How to Wear Orange Shade Lipstick
How to Wear Orange Shade Lipstick

Writing Tips

  • -For the best results, sprinkle lightly with your lips transparent loose powder.
  • -Always carry a stick of lipstick in your purse to do touch-ups during the day.
  • -If your lips are fleshy tones forget matt and glossy bet on textures.
  • -If your lips are thin crack for lipsticks shiny satin effect.

You will give your lips a nice relief and a little more volume.

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