How To Avoid DisappointmentHow To Avoid Disappointment who never entered the barber with a smile … To come out with tears in her eyes? I raise my hand once but twice! Fortunately, with a little preparation you can learn how to avoid disappointment at the hairdresser!

Hairdresser! How To Avoid Disappointment

1. Do Some Research

Buy magazines Cut the styles that make you feel like it. Select the colors you connect. Anyway, please have the looks that attract you. A picture is worth 1000 words!

2. Talk to Your Stylist

It’s nice to come up with magazines and photos of stars but your hairdresser is the pro and will offer you a cut tailored to your needs and your face shape. This is not because it is beautiful Jennifer Aniston on it you will be also (unfortunately).

3. Learn to Style Your Hair

Before leaving home ask your stylist to show you how to do your hair everyday. Because it is often difficult to reproduce in making pleats in the morning you will appreciate to know how to proceed.

4. Feel Free to Say What You Really Think

I still practice this step because I am pro to pretend I’m happy when I just want to shave my head to get rid of a horrible cut. It would be much more profitable to tell the truth (with kindness please!) So that the hairdresser can make alterations during the appointment.

5. Shop Your Hairdresser!

Why insist on returning to the same place every time when you come out into tears? Looking for a salon that makes you feel good and a hairdresser who you trust. I personally have a weakness for Koala, Space Makeovers Bruno Desjardins and Orbit.

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