How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Different Countries?


How to celebrate Valentine’s Day on February 14 worldwide lovers confess their feelings and give each other valentines, chocolate, all kinds of hearts as a sign of love.

How to Celebrate Valentine's Day
February 14 all the lovers can make each other sweet words


Top Different Country! How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day On February 14

In a small Japanese town Toi locals have come up with Carnival Love, in honor of Valentine’s Day in the streets of crowds of lovers and everyone wants to cry out declarations of love. Carnival starts early in the morning and ends late at night. In Japan, the practice should be an interesting method: couples who are confident in their eternal love can express their feelings on paper and send the letter by express mail. This message will be delivered to the addressee on Valentine’s Day in a year. And in Japan, in this day lovers give each other sweet.

On this day, chocolate cakes and pastries in the form of hearts in love overeat. It is no coincidence, because chocolate is recognized as the most powerful aphrodisiac that awakens sexuality!

In Paris, placed electronic boards, How to celebrate Valentine’s Day on February 14 all the lovers can give each other sweet words. In passionate and loving French decided to give this day beloved jewels and jewelry, and in northern Denmark romantic lovers send each other dried white flowers, often rose.

How to celebrate Valentine’s Day In Italy, where, according to legend, dates back to Valentine’s Day, this day is called the Day of Spring and Love. All celebrations were held in the open air – lovers walked the whole day, without ceasing to confess your love. In Turin, for example, the bride and groom all announced their engagement just to Valentine’s Day – this ancient tradition has been preserved to this day.

A few days before the feast of Italian shops are decorated with a huge number of all kinds of sweets. Actually give love sweet candy made – it is considered the more candy will give, the stronger will be their love.

Maybe that’s why there is the concept of candy lover’s period in a relationship – when love hits over the edge. On this day, couples usually arrange a romantic dinner at a restaurant or pizzeria. In addition to chocolates made to give roses, perfume, chocolate and diamonds.

Another very popular gift in Italy is Baci Perugina – small nuts hazelnut, chocolate-covered. Each candy is a note with the statement on the love theme.

How to celebrate Valentine’s Day in the UK on February 14 unmarried girls get up before sunrise, are near the window and look at passing men. According to legend, the first man, whom they see, and have their restrictions. Surprisingly, this belief is still alive – though many followed him a joke to cheer you up, and nothing more.

Popular gifts on Valentine’s Day in England considered sweets in the form of hearts, stuffed toys, especially in Britain favorite teddy bears Teddy, and constant-valentine cards.

In Austria, on this day, many married couples, and just lovers from different parts of Austria sent to a small, but very hospitable town of Krumbach, nestled in Bavaria near Munich. Many couples want to get there, and it was not an accident, it is in this town there is a church, planted in honor of his saint. Once the priest Valentine gifts to spouses bouquets of flowers – now, on the contrary, the lovers are bouquets to him.
Once upon a time among Austrian men the tradition on this day to give their women beautiful bouquet of flowers. According to this tradition, the man should be very carefully and thoughtfully choose colors for its second half, to get those flowers, the scent she loves most.

Men and children in Austria on that day gifts do not get all the attention is focused only on women. The Austrians made Valentine’s Day something like the Second International Women’s Day, when men bestow their favorite chocolates, flowers and decorations.

With special looking forward to this day unmarried girls in the Netherlands: after February 14 is not considered shameful to make an offer to the most beloved, and if chosen agree to marry, he gives the bride a beautiful silk dress.

Anyway, Valentine’s Day is celebrated everywhere, but here in Germany on February 14 adorn asylums scarlet ribbons, and in the chapels hold a special worship, because Valentine Germans considered the patron saint of lovers is not, and the mentally ill. And Saudi Arabia is the only country in the world where this holiday is officially banned.

With the widest scope decided to celebrate Valentine’s Day in the United States and Canada. In America, Valentine’s Day began to be celebrated later than in Europe, since 1777.

How to celebrate Valentine’s Day at the beginning of the last century, Americans on Valentine’s Day began to send sweet marzipan their brides. After the Americans set up the production of caramel and began scratching at the candy and more gentle words. Caramel made of red and white. Red means passion, and white – the purity of love. In the 50s candy started packing in cardboard boxes in the shape of heart.

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