How to Choose A Cocktail Dress

How to Choose A Cocktail Dress
How to Choose A Cocktail Dress

After receiving an invitation to a secular or business event you are thinking of the wish, and sometimes even the requirement to be dressed in accordance with precisely specified dress code. Various product launches, exhibitions of paintings, opening new stores are in the format of cocktail events. Prescribe them for 16 -17 hours and end up like cocktails in 20 hours.

Invited advisable to have an idea about the dress code and rules compliance online stores have very different stylish clothing for women, including those for all parties. It is recommended to choose a cocktail dress, taking into account the type of activity of the three species will be carried out:

How to Choose A Cocktail Dress

For a Business, a Corporate Meeting

Required to adhere to certain rules, No strict dress cut neckline, knee-length. The best option for footwear will be closed classic pumps in black or gray. Simple, elegant earrings in harmony with the bracelet will be a worthy adornment for women & Recommended for the man tailored clothes, matching accessories.

How to Choose A Cocktail Dress, Business, Corporate Meeting

Classic Cocktail

This is any scheduled meeting which begins before 9pm. The dress code is less demanding. It is permissible to choose a bright colored dress, open the shoulders and arms. Skirt length will depend on the shapely legs. If they let the hostess, the skirt can be above or below the knee. Shoes or sandals with open toe in combination with the dress and expensive jewelry will be good decoration women.

Classic Cocktail Dresses

This premier social event such as semi-formal at this event, the woman is allowed to stand in the full glare, length dress, its style can match last “peep” of fashion. It can be short or long to the ankle. Neck, cuts, cable, fur coat and long gloves – everything is permissible on a secular cocktail party.

1. Dress Code Regulates And Age Limits

Girls under 25 years old, you can choose a cocktail dress length 20 cm above the knee, allowed an extravagant model of an unusual color. In this case, it is strongly recommended to the classic cocktail or business to pick up a modest shift dress. Female 35 years old has the opportunity to choose the dress of any model based on the type and requirements of the cocktail dress code. Middle-aged lady suits cocktail shift dress, made to order with all the features of the shape.

2. How to Choose Shoes For a Cocktail

Nothing adorns a woman, both qualitative dainty shoes with heels no less than 8 cm Business woman talks on a simple dress, heels (required presence of thin tights) becomes the center of the negotiation process. On the secular cocktail can appear in elegant sandals or open shoes.

3. How to Pick Up Accessories For a Cocktail

The classic cocktail can come with bare hands. The secular cocktail party gloves are recommended length above the elbow. Arms and shoulders can be closed using either stole or stole or bolero.
The ideal option for a small handbag can be a cocktail evening bag or clutch. A handbag can be simple from high quality leather and decorated with beads.

Jewellery should not overshadow the number of woman, so a sense of proportion is the determining factor in any type of cocktail events. Usually 2-3 things are enough.

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