Nail polish trend Shellac: what exactly is it?

Having beautiful, well-groomed and varnished nails is important to many girls. But what can the Shellac do and why is it so trendy?

Beautifully painted nails for three weeks without the real nail suffering badly? A dream. Shellac promises this. The latest trend for artificial nails is currently totally hyped, because it should last a long time and the procedure should be gentler than that of previous gel nails. But what is Shellac anyway?

What is Shellac?

Shellac (also called ‘Hybrid’ UV Gel Manicure) looks like a normal nail polish, but is more impact-resistant and scratch-resistant, so it doesn’t chip off as quickly and lasts for three weeks. It consists of a special lacquer, which is a mixture of gel and nail polish. Shellac looks much more natural than previous gel nails . Shellac is applied to the untreated nail in three layers.

In between, it is cured again and again under UV light. The layers are much thinner than those of gel nails, so it looks less artificial. However, Shellac nails are not extended, but only applied to the natural nail.

Is Shellac Harmful?

Many girls with brittle nails choose Shellack, but that’s not always a good idea. Because the removal of the varnish often puts a lot of strain on the nail and damaged nails are often even more heavily used afterwards. So you should only choose Shellac if you have really healthy fingernails.

If you notice while wearing the varnish that the real nails will break, it is advisable to pause or change the studio. It is not recommended to make Shellac yourself anyway. There should be professionals, because you can do a lot wrong.

How much does Shellac cost?

A Shellac new model in a nail salon takes between 30 and 60 minutes and costs between 30 and 50 euros. Removing the Shellac and reapplying usually cost a little more.

How to remove Shellac yourself!

Do you want to take off the Shellac again? It is advisable to have the whole thing removed in a nail salon in order to damage the fingernail as little as possible. If you don’t have the opportunity to do this, you can get the paint off as follows:

  1. Soak ten cotton pads in nail polish remover containing acetone.
  2. Place the cotton pads on each nail and wrap a strip of aluminum foil or scotch tape tightly around them.
  3. Leave it on your fingernails for about five to seven minutes.
  4. Now take the cotton pads down. The Shellac should now be soaked that you can scrape it off the nail with a rosewood stick. Carefully file off any remaining varnish with a soft nail file and apply nail oil.

How to choose a nail polish we often tend to overlook the importance of nail polish. Yet the color you choose to put on your nails is to fashion accessory. A simple, small, hue error and nothing goes. Transparent colors pop through the glittery nail polish offers a busy chart.

So how to find the perfect polish?

How to choose a nail polish? And what color to what effect? Attention, proper varnish lurks here!

How To Choose A Nail Polish?

You expect the good varnish as you can expect the messiah. For achieved dreams, Shelookbook you tips and tricks to choose THE perfect nail polish.

How To Choose A Nail Polish

First, choose you’re valuable, it is essential for you to worry about the quality of the polish. To do this, you need to check the texture. Nail polish should not be very fluid but it should not be, either, too thick, the product sign of old age.

When the texture is acquired, your main concern is to choose the right nail polish color and it is here that the case is complicated. The rule # 1 is always; give your nail polish to your look. Yes, because like a beautiful makeup or a nice hairstyle, nail polish remains a fashion accessory as another.

And to avoid fashion faux not, you must harmonize the color of your nail with your clothes. Ideally, your nails should recall at least one color of your outfit.

What Nail Polish Color to Choose?

The Natural Nail Polish:

Transparent, pink, cream or beige, discrete opt for natural nail polish in a spirit of nude makeup. The most? This shade is perfect for idle who prefer not to spend unnecessary hours in their bathroom. The nail natural nails perfectly match your different outfits and takes a long time.

The French Manicure:

The French manicure is less natural than a natural nail polish. Pink is pinker, more white is white, nature is less nature. Sill must be patient for a successful French manicure, the effect is often the appointment.

The Red Nail Polish:

The red nail polish is that the black dress is at your wardrobe: a classic. The sacred is a must in the large color chart. It should be in every fridge for a glamorous and elegant effect, the red nail polish must be associated with a particular makeup. It couples perfectly with a sexy mouth wearing a lipstick.

And if you want to become “femme fatale”, you can marry your hands to a sexy and feminine black outfit.

The red nail polish requires the application of a base and two layers of varnish to make it last to the fingertips.

The Dark Nail Polish:

Contrary to popular belief, varnishes dark plum-type nails, purple and brown put your hands in value.

For makeup, you should opt for a sustained eye makeup.

For holding, prefer to wear white or gray to set the color of your nails. A dark varnish selected tonal may not create the desired effect.

The Black Nail Polish:

The black nail polish lacquer is a special treat with caution. Why? Quite simply, because it is very impressive in the style level, If you can associate it with a black outfit, beware of the effect that you send back. With black nail polish + black look, you’re not far from the burial ceremony.

No need to apply varnish on the black long nails on pain of looking like Cruella De Vil. To avoid falling into the ridiculous, worn on short and square nails.

The Glittery Varnish:

The varnish is a fashion accessory as another. So, in this logic, the glittery varnish becomes the essential detail of a holding party. Occasionally especially in summer, it brings light and joy.

Different Nail Polish Textures:

If the color is paramount and is determined according essentially its holding varnish texture is important for the choice of nail polish.

The Matte Nail Polish:

In the great family of nail polish, the mat is the most common. Sober, she goes everywhere and is perfect for a natural makeup.

The Nail Lacquer Nails:

If your nail polish is a fashion accessory, the lacquer is a sophisticated touch. The lacquered varnish is ideal for creating a dressy effect.

The Pearle Scent Nail Varnish:

The pearl is the ugly duckling of the family “nail polish”. It carries on a trend that hunts in the wind. Generally, it is in summer to wear the pearl polish on tanned hands.

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