How To Choose Sunglasses That Fit Your Face Shape


Which sunglasses suit you best

Sunglasses are our favorite accessories for the summer. Finding the right mix of styles and shapes is not easy. Our sunglasses guide will tell you which sunglasses are best for you.

which sunglass shape is right for you?

ello Sunshine! Now quickly put on the glasses and the sun! However, finding the perfect model for the variety of styles, shapes and colors is not easy. And not every version fits every face.

In addition to the taste, the face shape helps in choosing the right sunglasses. One differs roughly in round, angular, heart-shaped or oval. Our sunglasses guide will show you which models fit your face best.

Tip: If you want to find out which face shape you have, stand in front of a mirror and trace your facial features with a washable felt-tip pen.

Sunglasses for Oval Faces

Best Sunglasses For Summer
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Your face is narrow and oblong. Your facial features look harmonious, neither chin nor cheekbones stand out visually. You have an oval face.

Your perfect sunglass is the one you like best. Because with your face shape you are pretty much any kind of glasses.

Angular models provide more distinctive features, rounded frames make your face look softer. How about a micro-glasses? They are totally in fashion this summer.

Your eyewear no-go is not paying attention to proportions. If your head is rather small, do not reach oversized models and vice versa.

Sunglasses For Round Faces

Which sunglasses fits the face shape around
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Your face has rather soft features and your cheekbones are not very pronounced. Your chin is round and forehead and cheeks are about the same width. You have a round face shape.

Your perfect sunglasses are rectangular with rounded elements.

Brow-line models with a top-to-toe bridge, which are currently very popular, or fancy XXL models are ideal for you. They give your face more contour and make it look narrower.

Your glasses-no-go are round, small glasses. They make your face look wider and rounder.

Sunglasses For Heart Shaped Faces

Which sunglasses fits the face shape heart-shaped
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Your face has a broad forehead and pronounced cheekbones. Your chin is narrow and sharp. You have a heart-shaped face.

Your perfect sunglasses have round or oval lenses and a fine frame. They make your chin softer and your face shape more balanced. This works, for example, with a pair of aviator sunglasses. 

Your eyeglasses no-go are wide versions as they additionally accentuate your forehead.

Sunglasses For Angular Faces

Which sunglasses fits the face shape square
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Your face is characterized by distinctive features. Forehead and chin are similarly wide and you have pronounced cheekbones. You have a square face shape.

Your perfect sunglasses have round or teardrop shaped lenses. Butterfly or cat-eye frames are great for you. They make your angular face look softer and more feminine.

Your glasses No-Go are angular and edgy models. These emphasize your facial features too much and give you a stricter look.

How to choose sunglasses efficient solar glasses must meet certain performance criteria and quality.

How To Choose Sunglasses Search Criteria

How To Choose Sunglasses

It is worth mentioning that the CE of this type of glasses is no guarantee that they will filter 100% of UV rays.

UV filter 100% guarantee must include the “UV 400” by the manufacturer.

It is important to properly choose the intensity of the color of the sunglasses.

How To Choose Sunglasses With Corrections

How To Choose Sunglasses That Fit Your Face Shape

For a better visual comfort, manufacturers have designed products for a particular activity or including anti-reflective, anti-scratch and anti-dirt or polarized lenses. There are even clear sunglass lenses that filter out 100% UV rays.

Only the optician has the training and experience to accurately assess your specific needs optics.

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