How to Choose Women’s Shoes for Any Occasion? [2020]

Each of us has at least one favorite pair of women’s shoes, but sooner or later it’s time to replace them. In this context, according to studies, around 50% of people suffer from foot pain, most of who associate with wearing unsuitable shoes.

You shouldn’t feel pain in the name of fashion either. On the contrary, always look for something comfortable that meets your needs and your intensity of movement. Read on to find out how to select women’s shoes for everyday use and for special occasions. Then your plants will feel good!

What to Wear with Camel Color Like Bag, Jacket and Shoes

What Are The Best Women’s Shoes For Work?

In fact, at the office, you can wear all the types of shoes you want, provided there is no dress code or safety compliance conditions. However, it is advisable in the first place to buy pairs with a slope or a height of the heels whose tension on your legs is bearable.

Experts recommend opting for a low but wide heel. When it is thicker and closer to the ground, your ankle and toes will have much more support. This is especially important for elegant sandals and shoes. Anything over 5 cm in height increases the risk of fractures. Heels of 3 to 5 centimeters are therefore ideal for working with.

If your company demands to adhere to a dress code, then heels 10 cm or more are perfect in case you want to be sexy and elegant. However, opt for black or brown leather shoes in a conservative office. Gray and navy blue are also good choices.

Ballerinas made of flexible material are the safe ally for any type of clothing. They look chic and can be an alternative to high heels. However, avoid wearing flat soles when the weather is rainy.

Sneakers Women From What To Wear Sneakers Shoes

What Are The Ideal Shoes For Sports?

Your level of mobility should always be taken into account when choosing comfortable shoes: especially if you buy them for long journeys or races.

First, they must be strong enough, because of their supporting role during sudden and rapid movements. So check their flexibility by trying to slightly bend the noses. If the shoes easily bend in the middle, comfort is guaranteed.

Secondly, choosing a pair of women’s shoes for sports sessions also means taking care of the presence of thicker and softer soles. In fact, it is the inner part that determines the arrangement of the plants. For example, running models have larger pads in the heel area, while standard walking shoes have a fluffier part in the middle.

Original Model of Sneakers Shoes With Pants Suit, Long Coat

How To Select A Pair Of Shoes To Go Out In The Box?

With or without heels? Planning to dance for five hours straight or looking for an excuse to sit? You’re not used to wearing heels but you want to look neat and elegant? It doesn’t matter if you are standing or your feet are at rest, there are definitely shoes for you.

Heavy shoes, with less flexible manufacturing materials, are obviously a bad choice for an evening of entertainment. In addition, they will slow down and modify your approach. On the contrary, light shoes made of breathable materials are ideal not only for dancing but also for hiking afterward.

The kitten heels (low but thin) look great and keep your feminine look at all times. The other option in front of you is to bet on wedges. As they ensure the lightness of movement, you can use them for occasional events or evenings with friends. What you can’t say about stilettos. To banish these models in your boxed outfit!

How To Choose Women’s Shoes To Go Out In A Club 

What Criteria Should Women’s Shoes For Official Events Meet?

In general, high heels (over 10 cm) are to be worn during formal and semi-formal events, such as court cases, graduation, debutante balls, job interviews, business meetings, weddings, and others. Women prefer this type of shoes because they make them taller and slimmer by fitting long dresses.

Some models have straps and are therefore more stable for walking. Others do not have it and hinder walking. So, if you really want to demonstrate style with this type of shoes, first make sure that you can survive the experience. Be careful, especially when there are inequalities on the street. Holes and cracks in asphalt are among the usual reasons why heels get stuck. As a result, there is a real risk of falling.

Finally, almost all models of high heel shoes, even the most extravagant, have a low heel version. If the latter is better for you, buy a pair and avoid the danger.

Open shoes with tights in sight

Latest Women’s Shoes In 2020 In Different Trendy Look

Women’s shoes tend formerly known that unpredictable personality through the choice of shoes. she was wearing.

You do not need to look anywhere else for Healthy Beauty will disclose it here.

Shoe expert Meghan Cleary Australia said, “The type of shoes do you have showing the state of mind and your mood at any given time. You can be a ‘girl Crocs’ at the weekend, but Friday night while wearing stilettos.

Here are 7 Types of Personality Women’s Shoes Trends By The Shoes You Wear.

Which are you?

Pump Shoe

Leopard Pumps Shoes
Women’s Shoes Trends, If ever there was a time to wear leopard pumps, fall would be it.
Metallic Leather Pumps
Studded suede and metallic leather pump 2020 / Womens Shoes Trends
Black and Nude Pumps
Black and Nude Pumps For 2020 / Women’s Shoes Trends

Shoes that pumps have ahaveece called low at the front and have the right to wide aliases are not sharp (no stilettos). These shoes are usually worn for formal occasions,

so many women wear while working primarily in an office with a reason to make a woman’s legs look more beautiful but not too bad. According to Meghan, who likes to wear women’s pumps have high loyalty and dependable.

Flats Pumps

Flat Ballerina Shoes, Pumps
Valentino pair at DSW for 2020 / Women’s Shoes Trends
Flat Ballerina Shoes, Pumps-
Zara black studded ballet flats For 2020 / Women’s Shoes Trends
Flat Ballerina Shoes, Pumps-0
GIANVITO ROSSI classic ballerina Flat Pumps For 2020 / Women’s Shoes Trends

Newfangled flat ballerina shoes, pumps, or loafers that are trendy now, unfortunately, have the impression that little ‘negative’.

According to an American study, a woman photographs foot wearing vintage designer flats mistaken her as “about a 50-year-old accountant who has been divorced”, when in fact, she is a PR woman, aged 27 years, and the hobby of skydiving.

Meghan said they were wearing flats is a busy woman, happy diplomacy and can finish the job and solve the problem nicely.

Stilettos Pumps

Jimmy Choo Maylen Lace And Suede Stiletto Pumps
Jimmy Choo Maylen Lace And Suede Stiletto Pumps For 2020 / Women’s Shoes Trends
Jimmy Choo black leather shoe
Jimmy Choo black leather shoe ‘Opera’ ankle cuff stilettos for 2020 / Women’s Shoes Trends
Diamond Embellished Stiletto Heel Sandal
Diamond Embellished Stiletto Heel Sandal For 2020 / Women’s Shoes Trends

Any woman who is not willing to suffer for the sake of using stilettos, which can make the legs look much leveler and hot?

Jonathan Kelsey, the shoe designer who had worked at Jimmy Choo, said that with the right shoes ‘killer’ is not only to make women look hotter but also demonstrate the power and increase self-confidence.

Trainer Shoe

Trainer Shoe
Nike Roshe Runs with jeans and camel coat – dressing down a dressy look


Fashion Pearl Sandals
Fashion Pearl Sandals For 2020 / Women’s Shoes Trends
Summer Shoes Flat Sandals
Summer Shoes Flat Sandals For 2020 / Women’s Shoes Trends

A selection of women’s sandals as she wanted to walk around comfortably. If you enjoy using sandals, you are a woman who likes natural things and does not like to wear too much Makeup. In addition, women sandals users possess a more relaxed and not rushed.

Peeptoes and Wedges

Peeptoe model that shows only the ‘peace’ part of the foot you reflect that you are comfortable with yourself and happy ‘open’ yourself, but not too much. While you are happy to use the wedge section shows you have high levels balanced and not excessive.

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