How To Clean Your Face Naturally With Natural Ingredients


How to clean your face naturally?

Here are some tips and ingredients to make your skin soft and perfect

Clean our face before or after makeup is important, at the expense of what type of cleanser should work. It is essential to eliminate impurities and dead cells, which could make our skin turned off and the color gray. In this post, we will suggest some tips on how to clean your face naturally.

How To Clean Your Face Naturally

You have to remember that cleaning your face is also important for those who do not wear makeup, especially at night because it allows you to remove dust or pollution released by the environment in which we find ourselves. Thanks to this procedure, you will get a more healthy and beautiful skin obviously.

One of the products that we recommend to clean your face daily is the hazelnut oil, perfect for oily and impure. Has an astringent action and reduces the production of excessive sebum typical of this type of skin; chamomile also has the same benefits. In the event that your skin feels dry, you can use olive oil or sweet almond oil, perfect for removing eye makeup.

Chamomile, olive oil, almond oil and hazelnut oil are useful for cleansing the face daily, but there are other steps to take, especially if you want to renew the cells of the epidermis. To clean the skin of your face in depth, you have to follow a process divided into three phases, each 45 days.

First of all, cleanse your skin with chamomile which will allow blacks to dilate points, and then, it goes to scrub made with salt, sugar; flour had oil or honey, depending on your type of skin, avoiding the eye. After massaging and rinsing the mixture, let the mask, which can be realized both for sensitive combination skin.

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