How to Copy Hair and Make-up of Kate Middleton for Carnival 2014

Kate Middleton Hair and Make-up
How to Copy Hair and Make-up of Kate Middleton for Carnival 2014

For a truly regal Carnival 2014 because it does not copy the look of Kate Middleton? Hair and make-up of the Duchess of Cambridge make you dream in many. Here’s how to replicate makeup and hairstyle in a few steps.

Women around the world love Kate Middleton and her royal style but also delightfully informal. It is for this reason that the Duchess of Cambridge is ever to be counted among the most copied in the VIP look, always tasteful and elegant and if we want to look like her for Carnival 2014 we also, here is the tutorial for styling hair and makeup to replicate in Kate style.

As for the hairstyle, except that the royal family is not really the ideas on the matter of the cut, we know that the Duchess will always remain faithful to the dictates of her style: let her hair loose in many formal events, emphasizing lengths and volume. To copy this style, we suggest you dry your hair upside down and use a curling iron to create soft curls on your head.

Kate usually exhibits a rough light and fluffy, so it is best to use a large diameter iron and curl all the hair, but only some portions. Complete the work by spraying a spray polishes and shake up the strands to make them “relax” and make styling more natural. After that set the whole thing with a lacquer that gives support but do not deprive the hair of the right move.

Regarding the make up what we have to say that Kate Middleton is decidedly lightweight, full real style. It is a type of makeup is very similar to that wedding that aims to cover any imperfections of the skin, improve the overall look and give plenty of light to the face for a perfect healthy glow effect, fresh and radiant.

Kate Middleton Hair and Make-up

The first step will be to apply a layer of primer filler if there is any rocket to hide, after which you can move on to choosing one illuminating concealer for the eye area. If you have many circles will be covered with a concealer previously complementary to the color of dark lines and pass a highlither soon after in the same area with a large soft brush tip blender to fine down. Then roll out the foundation that you normally use. If you have a matte finish add a touch of mineral pigments to give more light ivory. Alternatively, use a shimmer powder to secure the base.

The Duchess then rarely use blush in shades of red, but prefers a lot more fishing but especially the bright pink. Then choose a product of these shades and pass with pennellone Blush zygomatic bone. Let’s look at the: very simple trick. Roll out a matte white eyeshadow over the entire eyelid and emphasized the natural shade of eyeshadow crease of the eye with a brown / beige.

Use a pencil dark brown or black to create a contour which is similar to the ciliary zone top and bottom. Attention, the pencil should be well tempered because the stretch must be precise and very natural. Pour the bottom line of the rhyme with a brush angle. Finally, use a slightly shimmer eye shadow in shades of ivory incorporating the first half of the upper eyelid (also shaded to the inside corner of the eye) and create a beautiful light point.

Finish with a coat of black mascara, making sure to avoid lumps. If you make it, remove it with the aid of a cotton swab or with a UN tap of toilet paper. Finally her lips use a pencil and a matte lipstick in shades of pink and peach (the perfect color is the one that reproduces the nuances of blush) and finally passed a transparent lip gloss to complete the work. Gorgeous!

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