How To Do Smokey Eyes Red Eyes Super Hot


Red is a strong color, full of life and very sensual. That’s why the make-up is a real classic on the lips, cheeks and nails. Try it on the eyes with smokey eyes in red that we suggest.

The smokey eyes makeup is always loved by women, thanks to the fact that magnifies the eye, making it sensual and very deep. Yes, but if anyone thinks that the smokey serve only the dark shades of blacks, blues and grays, it’s definitely wrong. Shelookbook today suggests the beautiful red smokey eyes, eye make-up in red bold and very sexy.

How To Do Smokey Eyes Red Eyes Super Hot

Start spreading across the eyelid a cream eye shadow in shades of bronze, after which give definition to the crease with a black or dark brown, blending the color with the brush also from the outside to the inside of the eyelid. Surrounded the eye with a black pencil tip fine and only on the upper rhyme also passed the black eyeliner.

Now take a deep red pigment, preferably a shimmer finish, the gradient that you like (very suitable for this purpose are also mineral powders that are rich in pigmentation and reflexes) and presage with a brush to the inner corner of the eye, until the middle of the eyelid.

Repeat this blurring more and more to the outside and if you want a touch of red dates also along the lower rim to create more emphasis. When saturation of color will suit you resume the black eye shadow in the crease and revisit and revise it, this time sfumandolo in the inner corner of the eye. Now the last step: plenty of black mascara to give definition and volume to the lashes.

This type of makeup is great for any eye color, but no doubt it gives a lot of light to those who have the iris green. These girls can wear eye make-up of this type during the evenings and special as the New Year approaches, it is also a nice idea to show off something red for the year-end party!

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