The years often go by in proportion to the kilos. Especially once you reach fifty, weight loss becomes more and more difficult. But how to dress after 50 when you are curvy then, without compromising style and without looking like “grandma”. Today we will lift the veil on some fashion secrets that guarantee you a chic look despite age and weight.

How to dress after 50 when you are curvy for a guaranteed boost of youth and slimming

Black Pencil Skirt And Black And White Shirt How To Dress After 50

How to dress after 50 when you are curvy?

Choose clothes that fit perfectly

Over the years, the female body inevitably changes. And if you add a few more kilos, the need to match your clothes to your figure becomes essential. Clothes that are too tight or too loose are not recommended – both can make your body gain weight. Instead, opt for clothes that suggest your shapes, but without suffocating them. These are generally said to have a slimming effect.

Choose clothes that are the right size, according to your body type

Black Pants Green Jacket And Matinee Outfit Pants For Curvy Woman 50 Years Old

Focus on simplicity

At the age of 50, women are already freed from the dictates of fashion and have forged their own style. She no longer needs all those clothes that have found their way from the pages of magazines into her wardrobe. We therefore advise you to focus on the comfort of simple, comfortable, and universal clothing. Basic pieces, such as a white shirt or black pants, for example, go easily with a large number of outfits.

How to dress after 50 / Wear the right colors

The need to reassess the color needs of her wardrobes is due to two main reasons. The first is the change in complexion that many women notice over the years. And the second, for its part, is linked to the slimming properties of certain colors which shrink the silhouette and cheat on its proportions.

Generally, these are black and neutral or dark color palettes, such as dark brown, charcoal gray, navy blue, and burgundy. Use these colors to camouflage problem parts of your body. If you would like to hide your hips, for example, opt for pants or a long black skirt which will slim your silhouette.

Then, don’t forget to add interest to your outfit by combining it with some contrasting colors. Don’t be afraid of colors! They would freshen up your appearance, making you look younger than you are. A fuchsia jacket or a big yellow necklace would add lots of enthusiasm to your look. Opting for the neutral range – from head to toe – risks looking too “grandma”.

How to dress after 50 At 50, as at 20, thanks to the right colors

Pantsuit For A 60-Year-Old Woman, Fuchsia Jacket And Pants And Red Top

Practice layering

By the English word layering, we mean in particular the habit of layering clothes, so as to be able to remove them and change them throughout the day. This is particularly useful during menopause, when hot flashes are a fairly recurring phenomenon, such as during the cold season. Layering is also interesting thanks to the resulting play of colors, textures, and volumes. It thus becomes an additional technique for changing body proportions.

To soften your curves, focus on pieces that create vertical lines. What’s more, be sure to choose dark top layers, which will narrow the silhouette.

Focus on your strengths

The secret to a successful outfit for a curvy woman lies in knowing your strengths and weaknesses. Your goal would then be to highlight the former while attenuating the latter. If you have a well-proportioned chest compared to the larger bottom for example, emphasize it up there with a V-neckline, trimmed with a beautiful necklace. On the other hand, if you are curvy and petite, don’t hesitate to tuck your shirt into your pants from the front. This gesture would slim your silhouette.

Highlight your body’s strengths

How To Dress At 60 When You Are Curvy Long Colorful Dress

Make sure you define your size correctly

A very common mistake that curvy women over 50 make is to opt for clothes that are a little too wide and blur the silhouette. Do the opposite and don’t forget to emphasize your waist. To do this, the most common technique is to add a belt to it. However, you can also opt for a shorter, looser top, paired with high-waisted pants or a peplum top. The result would be the same.

Take care to match the prints

When it comes to rounded silhouettes, most women would opt for vertical stripes. Note that this is indeed a great option, only if the garment is free. Bodycon stripes would not have the same slimming effect. Otherwise, polka dot prints and small flowers are another very successful print for a curvy woman over 50. In general, opt for smaller print designs, as large designs tend to accentuate and amplify curves.

The right printed ones for a slimming result

Outfit Black And White Dress With Sleeve Chic 50 Year Old Woman Outfit

Camouflage your arms

The upper arms are that part of the body where the bulges are obvious. In addition, the skin tends to lose its elasticity with age, which is most noticeable on the arms. In order to distract attention from this part then, it is better to opt for a 3/4 length sleeve. If you’re afraid of sweating, opt for a wide, kimono or bell sleeves. You can of course opt for a shorter sleeve, but the longer it is and the more it hangs, the slimmer and more slender your waist would appear.

A top to hide your arms

How To Dress When You Are Curvy At 50 Years Old Outfit Black Pants White Jacket

What should you avoid wearing after 50, when you are curvy?

After these recommendations, it would be wise to focus on some clothing gestures and items that are best avoided when you are plump and in your fifties. Let’s see which ones…

Round necklines

Avoid round necklines which put extra emphasis on the roundness of your shapes. Instead, focus on V-shaped or heart-shaped necklines where the lines are more abrupt. If you have fallen under the influence of a dress with a rounded collar, do not hesitate to adorn your garment with a brooch to divert attention.

Focus on V-shaped necklines

Outfit With Pants And White Shirt Poncho Woman 50 Years Chic

Clothes that are too loose or too tight

If you think that wearing baggy clothes will slim your curves or that wearing tight clothes will tuck in your bulges, think again. The solution then? So wear clothes that are the right size, without going overboard.

Adapt the volume to your body shape

Example Of An Outfit With Black Pants, A Black And White Jacket And Blue Shirt

Horizontal striped tops

Avoid horizontal stripes, which will add width. In their place, horizontal stripes would be a nice alternative, as we already mentioned above. If possible, opt for bigger lines. Say goodbye to horizontal stripes!

Striped Jacket Red Pants Outfit Idea For 60 Year Old Woman With Pants

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